The Challenge

Criteria Corp is a leading provider of pre-employment tests. Founded in 2006, it has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing companies in the talent management sector. They provide their 2000+ customers with skills, personalities, and aptitudes tests for over 1,100 job profiles. Criteria wanted to create a way to help connect talented job seekers with opportunities. We helped Criteria build JobFlare to engage with job seekers using cognitive games and connect those job seekers to opportunities.

mental fitness apps
mental fitness apps

The Process

JobFlare is a ground-breaking iOS mobile app that allows job searchers to play short 90-second games which measure attributes including general mental fitness, verbal and math skills. We don’t think a job evaluation should be another job, so JobFlare uses charming graphics and playful characters in the games to make the tests a pleasant and exciting experience.

The Result

Users can see their own scores over time and how they performed compared to other users in the same category. At the same time, they will receive emails about relevant job opportunities based on their profile. Top scorers may get connected to exclusive job opportunities!

Jobflare app award

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