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kedalionKedalion Therapeutics

The Challenge

Kedalion Therapeutics is a med tech startup whose mechanical eyedroppers with AcuStreamTM technology allow easy and accurate administration of topical drugs to the eye.

To further enhance dosage compliance and user satisfaction, Kedalion wanted to add telehealth features to its device, which would allow patients and caretakers to automatically track dosage times, dosage amounts, and receive real-time treatment reminders. Kedalion asked CitrusBits to create a companion mobile app that would provide this IoT/telehealth functionality.

The Process

Immediately upon project kickoff, our engineers moved quickly to obtain a hardware sample of the eyedropper. Our development team worked directly with the Kedalion hardware engineers to develop the requisite mastery of the device’s API and how to communicate with it via Bluetooth.

The Definitive Guide to Building a Telehealth App

Working in parallel with our engineering team, our UI/UX designers and product team hosted regular collaborative design calls with the client, allowing our designers to quickly dial in the exact screens needed for version 1.0. With that scope clarity, we were then able to provide wireframe designs in just a “half sprint” (one week) and complete hi-fidelity designs shortly thereafter. The frictionless and intuitive user experience our team designed quickly gained the client’s approval, allowing us to move right into development.


Kedalion Acustream App Screens


Quality assurance for a medical device of this type is paramount, so our development team built custom testing capabilities to allow internal testers and client testers to run the app through many different usage scenarios. This helped ensure the app would perform reliably in the field.


“Our project with CitrusBits has “wow’d” many of the key stakeholders that we have engaged in. The professionalism and thoughtfulness of the application has significantly added value to our company and we’re extremely grateful to the work that the CitrusBits team has done.”

Casey Dougan

Casey Dougan, CCO & VP of Operations

The Results

Against the clock, our team was able to hit full stride, creating and deploying the telehealth app for Kedalion within three months of project kickoff. The Kedalion team loved the streamlined and intuitive experience we built and is now proudly working to get the product to market.

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