About CitrusBits

Everybody wants it.
We’ve got it.
Let CitrusBits help you
deliver the “It” factor.
Team Tea break
Everybody wants it.
We’ve got it.
Let CitrusBits help you
deliver the “It” factor.
CitrusBits Development hall

The “It” factor

Everyone knows when they see it, even if they can’t define it. That is something special. A unique and noteworthy quality that makes someone or something exceptional, that makes them stand out — not in a showy way, but with a subtle combination of confidence, smarts, and charisma. Capable, but not cocky. Focused on others, not on self.

The “It” factor is core to CitrusBits — after all, “it” is right there in our name, twice.

It defines our company’s personality, and our way of interacting — internally, and with clients. Our globe-spanning team of futurists, digital strategists, UX/UI designers, product managers, and developers come from different cultures, but are united in our positive,

forward-thinking approach. Our diversity is our strength and a key part of our “It’ factor.

And the “It” factor is what we strive to bring to the work itself, to the digital products we create. A unique, special something, offered generously to others. Empowering and productive. Instantly engaging, instantly memorable. Delivering results beyond expectations.

You know you want it. Your customers and audiences do, too. Let’s make “It” happen.

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Design Team meeting
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Why we’re it

CitrusBits is a global creative design and development agency. We specialize in mobile app and web development, digital product design, interaction design, software engineering, product innovation, AR/VR experiences, and more. We deploy transformational design and technology solutions to tackle companies’ most complex challenges, and through a human-centered approach, we are helping businesses of all sizes create the future.

Our Journey

CitrusBits was founded


Offering IT/ hosting services & website dev


First mobile app work, 15–20 ppl in PK office


More mobile apps + websites but still small potatoes


Scored the Burger King app


Ammad co-founds Irisvision


Team growing, Marketing on fire


Won W3 Award for food app & Muse Award for health app


Big growth year, even bigger projects


Pandemic hits, but zero layoffs


Biggest year yet! Won 4 Webby Awards


CES Innovation Award honoree for AR/VR healthtech app (Radius XR)


Life at CitrusBits

Managers Meeting and discussion with developer, software tester and content writer
Glaucoma Research app test in IrisVision Glasses Headset
CitrusBits General Manager discussion with a developer
CitrusBits Development hall for developers and managers

The diversity of perspectives and talents at CitrusBits fuels our creativity and innovation, resulting in groundbreaking solutions to complex problems. Our team comes from diverse cultural backgrounds, and collaboration is our superpower. At CitrusBits, we are firm believers in fostering personal growth, resilience, adaptability, and in preparing individuals to thrive in an interconnected world.

Hear it from some of our team members...

team members...

UI-UX designer

CitrusBits has been a fantastic place to work! My team and management are incredibly supportive and provide excellent feedback on my work which helps me grow as a designer. CitrusBits is continuously investing in my professional development by providing me with opportunities to expand my skill set and explore areas that interest me. I have had the joy of working with a diverse range of clientele that I am proud to be part of my portfolio. I can’t recommend working here enough!

Chris Hurley

UI / UX Designer

Product Manager

We have a team committed to uplifting one another. They’re knowledgeable, cooperative, and creative. These qualities and our work attract a variety of clients. It’s an exciting environment where I’m able to learn something new and forge new skills every day. Our clients come to us with problems and at CitrusBits we all put our heads together to build solutions as a team. These relationships are built on trust and collaboration.

Breann Johnson

Product Manager

Zaeem Zafar Engineering manager

As an Engineering Manager at CitrusBits, I’ve had an exceptional journey. The company’s unwavering recognition of hard work, the collaboration with a talented team, and the commitment to making a meaningful difference for our clients set CitrusBits apart. The culture of appreciation and support fuels our success, while the opportunities for personal and professional growth keep us at the forefront of innovation. I am proud to be part of CitrusBits and look forward to continuing our shared success.

Zaeem Zafar

Engineering Manager