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Ideation and Evaluation for mobile

Ideation &

Have an idea for a product or software solution? CitrusBits helps you develop a vision, strategy, and the right way forward.

Digital Strategy

Chart the best path forward to achieve your business goals or product vision, including best practices, potential pitfalls, and growth hacks.

Scoping & Estimations

The numbers matter. We're committed to helping you find the right solution, on the right scale, and at the right budget.

Product & Development Explorations

We analyze how your concept can be realistically developed within the given constraints and technologies.

Design Audits

We're as meticulous about your brand as you are. We assess existing branding, designs and UX to pinpoint opportunity areas.

Product design

Our UX/UI designers partner with you to craft the user experiences that resonate best with your target audience. The result? Brand-centric design solutions that engage your users and keep them coming back for more.

Product Design for mobile

Discovery Workshops

Our Discovery process involves research, collaboration, and strategy analysis, illuminating a roadmap and defining feature requirements, in preparation for design and development.

UX Wireframing

We create low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to craft user experiences that are functional, intuitive, and truly delightful for people to use.

UI Visual Designs & Prototyping

Seeing is believing. We design crisp user interfaces, beautiful pixel-perfect details, and robust prototypes.

Rapid Proofs of Concept

We can create proof-of-concept designs to identify potential flaws and technical challenges, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Usability Testing

We test the usability of your product using real users from your target audience, to identify usability roadblocks and get product feedback.

Branding & Design Systems

Today, your visual identity *is* your identity. Let us help you hone it to perfection. We build design systems that can scale as you grow.

Software Development for mobile

Software development

Quality to the source. CitrusBits’ world-class software development teams will realize your project with speed, precision, and to the highest performance standards.

Application Services

We build modular and maintainable application services that fit into your overall software architecture.


Solutions with a smile. We build secure, cloud-based SaaS solutions that can scale exponentially.


Continuous integration and deployment. We streamline development through automation, enabling faster delivery.

Cloud Development

It's all blue skies with our top-notch cloud development services, allowing you to build and scale fast.


Nothing fake about our groundbreaking work in AI. Unlock the full potential of 
AI-driven software solutions.

Enterprise Level

World-class results for your worldwide business. We deliver robust and scalable software solutions with seamless integration.

Mobile development

CitrusBits has deep expertise and experience creating award-winning mobile apps across all mobile platforms. Our Agile-based approach gives you control over scope, mitigates risk, and provides the fastest path to market.

Mobile App Development for mobile


We have perfected the art of designing apps iPhone users love, and we’re experts at building native iOS apps with Swift or React Native.


Our team is well-versed in designing and developing Android-specific apps and performing Android OS customization, utilizing Java, Flutter, or React Native.

React Native

Using a cross-platform approach such as React Native, we create native-like apps for iOS and Android with a single code base, saving you time and resources.


Using Flutter we can create mobile apps for iOS and Android that have fast performance, expressive UI, and tremendous visual appeal.

Agile Methodologies

The cycle to success. Our teams operate with speed and flexibility to ensure the swiftest path to the best result.

Mixpanel Analytics

Optimizing user engagement is key to business performance. As a Mixpanel Partner, we know how to do it.

Web Development for mobile

Web development

At CitrusBits, we excel at creating modern, user-friendly web and ecommerce experiences across all industries, giving you an edge over your competition.

Frontend Development

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a great-looking product with an exceptional user experience is key to making customers fall in love.

Backend Development

We offer backend services like server implementation and configuration, database design, API development, and cloud development.


Frontend and backend (and everything in between). Our versatile team of experts is capable of handling the entire development lifecycle.

Ecommerce Platforms

Your business is our business. We provide tailored ecommerce solutions that drive revenue and customer engagement.


Content is king. Our web experts create dynamic and customizable websites on this versatile platform.


Content is king. Our web experts create dynamic and customizable websites on this versatile platform.

AR/VR & innovation

The brave new world of digital innovation. CitrusBits is ahead of the curve on the AR, VR, and XR frameworks, systems, platforms, and applications of tomorrow.

AR-VR and Innovation for mobile


Integrate digital information with the user's real-world environment in real time.


Immerse in a three-dimensional, computer-generated, 3D environment.

Extended Reality (XR)

We create immersive, engaging digital experiences that interact with real-world surroundings.

Wearable Technology

Everything from the simplest step tracker to complex health diagnostics and trackers.


The next web — decentralized, open-sourced, and powered by blockchain computing architecture.


Support & maintenance

CitrusBits can provide full maintenance, updates, analytics, and support post-launch — whether or not your software, website, or app was grown at CitrusBits.

Quality Assurance

Cornerstone of an effective Quality Management Plan. We catch and address bugs before they become larger issues.

Product & Project Management

Iterating with nimbleness and speed, we craft a feature map and shepherd your products to the next level.

Website Care & Maintenance

Keep that shiny new site looking and performing to the highest standard. We keep you up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

Data Privacy Compliance

Protecting your customers, their data, your business, and your brand's reputation.


We proactively address vulnerabilities and weaknesses that attackers may exploit, maintaining security, integrity, and availability.

Dev Ops

We employ a seamless and efficient process for developing, deploying, and maintaining your software applications.

Teams acceleration

Our team is your team. Staff your next project from our roster of world-class professionals. CitrusBits’ Teams Acceleration model opens a world of opportunities for businesses seeking to enhance their operations, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

Teams Acceleration for mobile

Access to Skilled Talent

Our diverse talent pool allows you to access experts without investing heavily in hiring, training, and learning curves.

Rapid Scalability & Flexibility

We enable companies to quickly scale up or down based on project needs.

Cost Savings

Access top-tier technical skills without the overhead costs, and enhance your project's return on investment.

Faster Time-to-Market

Expedite project timelines by leveraging CitrusBits’ resources and expertise, launching products or services quickly.

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