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Whether you’re in the Fortune 500, a startup, or somewhere in between, whatever your business category, CitrusBits has the knowledge, experience, and talent to meet your needs. As a top digital innovation company, we’ve helped the best businesses get even better.

Radius HealthTech App
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The next frontier of healthcare is already familiar ground for CitrusBits. We’ve built technology-enabled healthcare products and services that are revolutionizing hospital and physician’s offices — via extended reality (XR), AR/VR, cloud computing, etc. — expanding diagnostics capabilities, patient engagement, and improving healthcare delivery, all the while decreasing costs.

Let CitrusBits bring your HealthTech project to life… and watch your business thrive.

Food & beverage

Pandemic lockdowns affected how consumers shop and dine, and post-pandemic, many of those temporary solutions have become a permanent part of our lives. Dining in, dining out, online/mobile ordering of meals and groceries, home delivery — the whole menu has changed.

CitrusBits has long created digital solutions for Food & Beverage businesses, serving up that ideal synthesis of front-of-house appeal and back-of-house efficiency. Now that’s delicious.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our new milestone: achieving Gold level partnership in Olo Connect!

ar-vr headset
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Sometimes the best strategy is to simply blow your customers’ minds. And for a company eager to demonstrate its own innovation, utilizing an innovative digital technology gets the message across like nothing else.

CitrusBits knows how to use AR and VR to generate a “wow factor” that will have your customers talking… and buying. Immerse your customers and partners in the breathtaking universe centered on your goods, your services, your brand.

It’s out of this world.

Ecommerce & retail

Even simple commerce isn’t so simple anymore. But with the digital tools and platforms CitrusBits creates, ecommerce companies and brick-and-mortar retailers are finding singular solutions for complex problems. Intuitive interfaces hook the prospective shopper as effectively as they satisfy your most loyal customer. Your employees around the globe rapidly processing orders, optimizing sales, managing inventory, and keep operations running at 100%.

With CitrusBits, you’ve got the goods.

Ecommerce and Retail App
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Social Platforms Apps
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Social platforms

Doing business has been social from the jump, since the first trade routes across the Ancient World. If Social is your business, you need an intuitive, high-performance, robustly scalable product. CitrusBits has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

So let’s connect. Slip into our DMs and let’s start something interesting.