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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a product manager, or otherwise engaged in the business of mobile apps, these 30 essential tips and best practices from our team are sure to elevate your next app project.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building an Effective Restaurant Mobile Ordering App
Food Apps, Restaurant Mobile Ordering App, App Development

A guide to help restaurateurs gauge the current state of mobile ordering, how its adoption has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to evaluate different options when it comes to building an optimal restaurant mobile ordering app.

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App Development, Mobile apps, Telehealth

Citrusbits has built critical telehealth apps for Johns Hopkins University, Stanford, and Irisvision. We’ve distilled our experience into a practical guide for those looking to create or update a telehealth app.

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App Development, Mobile apps, Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality continues to be a hot growth area in tech with a plethora of use cases across various industries. Download these 40 VR stats and facts to stay up to speed on the latest market trends and predictions.

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Food Apps, Resturants, App Development

Consumer taste & preferences are ever-changing. The recipe to success is staying up to speed with the latest restaurant industry trends. Download our visual book on restaurant and food app stats to stay informed. Bon Appétit

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AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI Stats, AI Updates

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottestgrowth areas in tech, and businesses are scrambling to harness it for their products and services. To this end, we’ve compiled an ebook to get you up to speed on AI.

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The Main Difference Between Fungible Tokens & Non-fungible Tokens:
App Development, Blockchain

The hype around digital currencies and assets only seems to be growing, but with all this build up, many are still puzzled about “What NFTs are? What does an NFT marketplace do? How to invest or create your own NFT? For all the questions raised above and more, click below to download the ebook and find all the answers.

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App Development

All mobile apps need a proper plan, whether it’s your first app or your nth. The creatives and the engineers at CitrusBits have joined forces to build comprehensive app development checklist to help your app reach its full potential.

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AR, Augmented Reality, App Development

This checklist will help you to understand your options when it comes to building an augmented reality app, selecting the right features, and choosing platforms/SDKs.

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Mobile App RFP, Request For Proposal, App Development

Conducting a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your mobile app project can be daunting, but it is well worth the effort if you follow the right approach. Here’s a guide and free RFP template to help you do exactly that.

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Food Apps, Restaurants, App Development

Building a food application is not a linear process. So, to help break down the complexity, we have put together a simple food app checklist to steer you in the right direction. This food app checklist covers just the right ingredients to help you build a befitting food application.

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Food Apps, Restaurants, App Development

The online food delivery app market is set to increase to a hefty $200B by 2025. Besides Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other widely-known leaders, this a space that is inviting plenty of new startups and would-be challengers. If you’re in this space or considering entering, stay ahead of the competition with this checklist.

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Telehealth Apps, Healthcare, App Development

This interactive checklist lays out the groundwork for you to initiate your next telehealth project. It covers every aspect of the development process. Not only will our checklist help you select a certain telehealth type but also help add relevant features to it and select a suitable platform and SDKs.

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Gamification, App Development

Gamification is adding game-thinking and game-like elements to a non-gaming app. It helps improve the user engagement and retention of an app. Create an immersive experience for your users using our checklist covering many different types of gamification elements to choose from.

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Ecommerce App Checklist
Ecommerce Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce Apps

Consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile browsers. Create a digital presence for your retail business to increase reach and retain customers. Use our checklist, covering a piecemeal process, to build the ultimate eCommerce mobile app solution.


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Social Mobile Apps, Social Media Development

The social media industry is evolving and growing by leaps and bounds, with emerging trends like social VR and social commerce become essential features to add for your social media app’s success. Use our social media app checklist to understand what your app needs to stand out.


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