Mobile Apps to Amp up the Joy of Christmas 2022

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December 23, 2022

Jolly greens, Christmas red, and snow – It’s that time of the year again! Christmas jingles echo in every house and corner shop, and the air is filled with the aroma of freshly baked cookies. Everyone is gearing up for the holidays, shopping for Christmas baubles, garlands, and fairy lights.

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with excitement and joy. But, if not prepared, it could get greatly overwhelming too. Setting a Christmas party theme, making a guest list, printing party invites, planning a menu, getting gifts for everyone, and so on – a plethora of tasks on your to-do list must be killing your holiday spirit. But no worries! We’re here to get you through this holiday season seamlessly.

We’ve compiled a list of a few excellent mobile applications to assist you with all your tasks and help you keep your sleigh on course.


Imagine opening Christmas presents, all excited, only to find out almost all of them hold a crimson cardigan or a pair of uggs. Yes, those presents are still cute and special but wouldn’t it be awesome if not everyone came up with the same gift idea for you and if there was something else in the bag? Something you really, really wanted!

Problem solved! Giftster is going to be your best friend this holiday season. Giftster is a free and one of the best private two-way gift registry Christmas app that connects you with your friends and family and organizes a gift exchange.

In Giftster, you can reserve gifts or share your gift ideas with your group members (in a group chat or individually) to prevent everyone from buying identical gift items. Giftster can also be your wish list. You can list everything you’d want to receive as a Christmas gift and share your wishlist with your loved ones to help them pick a present for you that you would love for sure! Psst, there will be no better chance than this to ask for what you really want!

You can also set up a Secret Santa draw or mark gifts as reserved so that others don’t end up getting the same gifts.

The best part? Anyone from any device can access Giftster. Your little sister on an iPad, your Grandma on her PC, your mom on her iPhone or Android device, anyone can instantly access their preferences and wishlists anywhere.


Want to send flowers, gifts, or a holiday card to the doorstep of your loved ones? Great idea! But a lot of hassle goes into planning and implementing such surprises. Even picking the right holiday card is a task in itself – if you like how it looks, you wouldn’t necessarily like the text on it, or the text seems perfect, but the color seems off, etc. But why waste time picking something from someone else’s creation when you can customize your surprise?

With the Moonpig app, you can browse and pick from thousands of cards, add a custom message on it, and a note inside. You can also use photos from your smartphone to personalize them even more and add your own handwriting to them. You can also set reminders and deliver gifts, flowers, and cards worldwide.


The holiday season means homes filled with the aroma of freshly baked apple pies, mashed potatoes, casseroles, and all the delicious Christmas meals. We all don our chef hats and try to cook perfect meals for our friends and family, as the holiday season is all about feasting. We definitely don’t want any cooking disasters. And Yummly makes sure everything goes smoothly in our kitchens.

With over 32,000 Christmas recipes, Yummly got to be our go-to recipe app this Christmas! Trifles, soups, roasted vegetables, and more – you name it, you’ll find a recipe for it on Yummly. This is because the service aggregates from other food recipe services.

You can also personalize your feed and get to see more of the recipes you like. You can also add ingredients to your shopping basket and track the ingredients you’re running low on.


All these Christmas recipes but you feel something’s missing? Maybe it’s the good old Gingerbread cookies that Nanna used to make.

Let us crack the code for you.

Sometimes, the best recipes are those handed down to you, written on a scrap of paper, or the ones brought around by your neighbor that you could never forget. Sometimes it’s the magic of amateur cooking which no master chef can beat. And that is why we love Cookpad!

Cookpad has over 1,000 Christmas recipes that come not from professional chefs but from ordinary people who want to share the magic of their recipes with the world. The diversity of recipes available on Cookpad is out of the question, catering to every taste and coming from all over the world.

Quite often, the recipe authors illustrate each step with photos to ensure you are following along correctly. Also, you can filter out the recipes for all the ingredients you don’t want to be included in your food. This is great for people with different food allergies or those who are extremely picky when it comes to festive food.

Message from Santa

‘Is Santa for real?’, ‘Can we invite Santa over?’, ‘Mom, there’s no Santa’s number in the phonebook!’ – Here we go again. It’s officially that time of the year again that stirs up the curiosity of all the little fellows in your family, and they start questioning Santa’s existence.

If you also have a bunch of curious little ones around you, Message from Santa can be your secret weapon this Christmas. Kids are going to love a personalized message from Santa. And that is what this cool app is all about – a personalized video message or a phone call from the big man himself!

But that’s not all – kids can also record a wish list and hear about what Santa is up to. Parents can also set up their children’s profiles with their names, photos, and favorite things to do. This way kids can make phone calls to Santa themselves or leave him voicemails and text messages. The app has Santa chatbots to respond to them. Message from Santa is a free application, but you can pay to unlock more features to better personalize the experience for your kid.

Cocktail Flow

Decor sorted, gifts sorted, dinner sorted, and what about the party drinks? Well, with Cocktail Flow, that’s sorted too! You don’t have to be a seasoned bartender or mixologist to rock the party with beautiful cocktails, a staple of holiday parties.

With Cocktail Flow, you get to see beautifully presented cocktail recipes with step-by-step guides and features – no chance you’ll mess it up. You can browse through a variety of cocktails categorized by cocktail type, cocktail strength, color, popularity, origin, style, and so much more.

Pick from various Christmas drinks like winter chill, jingle juice, candy cane martini, and more. You can also mention if you have some alcohol at hand, and it will fetch the recipes you could use with what you have.

This is the time of the year that brings people together, and you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong. We hope these apps help spice up your Christmas celebrations and take the pressure off of you to throw the best Christmas party ever. Merry Christmas!

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