Usage of AngularJS in Web Development

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October 19, 2022

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based structural framework for developing dynamic web applications. Its importance can be best understood by the front-end web developers who have to rely most on the JavaScript to create the intuitive areas of a website that users see in their web browser.

Being a comprehensive JavaScript based framework, it gives its developers a centralized place to get all things to set up the front end of a web app.

Why use AngularJS?

Being a startup maybe your question is why to use AngularJS. If you were a professional developer, you might never ask this question because a professional developer knows the importance of using this structural framework. It is not entirely different from the existing development frameworks and does not offer too many revolutionary solutions too, but still, it is the top of the chart framework. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is simple and easy to use and simplify the development process and structure of JavaScript code.

This structural framework offers all those things to its developers that they need to build dynamic single page apps. Here are main advantages of using AngularJS:

  • Data binding system that automatically synchronizes data between model and view areas
  • Availability of Controller to express behavior in a readable form
  • Plain JavaScript to make the coding easy to test, maintaining, and reusing
  • Deep Linking that reflects where the users are in the application
  • Form Validation system for a great user experience
  • Server Communication to simplify coding by dealing with asynchronous return of data
  • Event-handling
  • Rendering of HTML
  • Unit testing
  • Scope to control multiple variables

Is it Easy to Build Web App using AngularJS?

The first question of every startup is to know whether it is easy to build web apps using AngularJS. Those developers who have a good hand at CSS, HTML and JavaScript and can build a proper single page website. Moreover, AngularJS is offering powerful tools like web development tools, reusable solutions, and building modular and support for open source projects to make the development process easy and simple even for startups as well.

How to Get Started with AngularJS?

The detailed information about AngularJS can be acquired from its official website. The official website of AngularJS lets the developers extend HTML vocabulary.

Here is the collection of some useful resources that assist you in getting started with AngularJS.

If you want to use the AngularJS for development purpose, then official website of AngularJS is the best source for knowing more and more about it. At its official website, AngularJS is offering the detailed procedure for becoming an expert AngularJS developer.

Here are some learning means being offered by AngularJS at the moment:

  1. Read the conceptual overview.
    Understand AngularJS’s vocabulary and how all the AngularJS components work together.
  2. Do the AngularJS Tutorial.
    Walk end-to-end through building an application complete with tests on top of a node.js web server. Covers every major AngularJS feature and shows you how to set up your development environment.
  3. Download or clone the Seed App project template.

Gives you a starter app with a directory layout, test harness, and scripts to begin building your application

Answers to Some Important Questions

What Kind of Browsers are Compatible with AngularJS?

AngualrJS firs run the extensive test suite against all leading web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Performance of AngularJS

The performance of AngularJS depends on some important elements. While using AngularJS, expect many elements like internet connection, browser users, available hardware, state of the cache, and much more. The run-time performance also depends on several other numbers and complexities that determine the speed of the backend.

What is Testability like in AngularJS?

It is testable and has an integrated dependency injection framework. It offers mocks for many high dependencies like server-side communication.

So, using AngularJS will be useful for you in many aspects. First of all, it is designed and maintained by Google developers. This is the main element that catches the developers. The open source community of AngualrJS offers a real-time solution to developers. In addition to access to large and open community, the user will also get the chance to interact with skilled and highly available developers to get perfect solutions.

AngularJS is not difficult to learn at all. If you are familiar with projects like Mocha, QUnit, and Jasmine, then you will not face trouble at all learning it. It is similar to JavaScriptMVC and Backbone and offers a complete solution for super-fast front-end development.


The above discussion clears the picture of why it is important to use AngularJS to deliver the best web apps within the designed criteria. It is simply a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the best web app development process. It is perfect for building and designing single-page apps that are getting more popular in recent times.

As Google developers design it, so it offers a solid foundation for development purposes. For generic and intuitive web apps, AngualrJS serve as a viable framework to build upon.

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