2018 Platinum Winner – Muse Creative Awards

The Challenge

The chemoWave app has the important task of receiving data input from chemotherapy patients, and organizing, analyzing, and displaying that information. This was achieved with beauty and clarity, empowering patients with actionable insights into their health and well-being. The app was engineered with patient privacy in mind, making it Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

develop healthcare app

The Process

CitrusBits collaborated with the founders of chemoWave – cancer survivors themselves – to create a virtual advocate that helps patients take control of their chemotherapy journey. chemoWave organizes data such as planned meals, exercise, treatment schedules, and more. The data is then transposed into simple yet stunning graphics and concise diagnostic charts.

develop healthcare app
develop healthcare app

The Result

chemoWave now enables patients to swiftly identify trends and correlations in their activities to enhance personal well-being. Early users report that seeing their activities side-by-side with charts of their self-reported condition empowers them to optimize their healthcare experience and their overall well-being.

develop healthcare app

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