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The challenge

IrisVision is a technology company bringing back the miracle of clear vision for people with vision impairments and legal blindness. By combining advanced mobile virtual reality (VR) technology with cutting-edge medical research, IrisVision lets people who suffer from vision impairment see their loved ones’ faces and function independently again. IrisVision was looking for a mobile application partner to create the software that powers the IrisVision headset device.

The challenge? To create an intuitive mobile application that integrates with the custom product hardware and allows IrisVision’s life-changing device to be used daily by users with varying levels of technical sophistication and vision impairment. A job done successfully will help people achieve better outcomes while managing their vision health.

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The process

CitrusBits needed to develop the IrisVision app for the Samsung GearVR. This required innovative customization beyond the standard API provided. CitrusBits worked in close collaboration with medical giants, such as Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University, to leverage their powerful insights into the development process.

The result was an extraordinary system that allows users to zoom in on far away objects or family members’ faces with IrisVision’s proprietary IrisBubble™ view, which allows users to see objects up close without losing context of the overall scene.

The result

of the World Changing Idea in 2020
eye conditions supported
Research Grant
funded by the National
Eye Institute
Voice and OCR

IrisVision is now the most effective and affordable solution for macular degeneration, a disease that takes the sight of grandparents and grandchildren alike, as well as other vision impairments. The app is already restoring independence and quality of life for people throughout the world, and glowing reviews from IrisVision users continue to pour in.

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