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The Challenge

LoveSac is a leading American modern furniture brand based in Stanford, Connecticut. Specializing in a patented modular furniture system called Sactionals, LoveSac has cultivated a passionate customer base throughout the country.

LoveSac, in partnership with Harman Kardon, was developing the Lovesac StealthTech Sound + Charge system – premium technology seamlessly embedded inside the endlessly adaptable sactional platforms. The StealthTech Sound + Charge System features speaker components and a wireless charging feature integrated within the configurable couch line.

To make the StealthTech system a seamless experience for the users, Lovesac wanted to deploy an IoT-based application for iOS and Android devices.

In order to provide a best-in-class IoT-based application, LoveSac began its hunt for the right mobile app development partner.

Having had an excellent experience working with CitrusBits previously on an embedded audio application, Harman asked Lovesac to put their faith in CitrusBits to build a mobile application with the following key features:

  • Give the user total control of the StealthTech experience.
  • Optimize sound (update tuning) instantly to a new layout/configuration shape.
  • Adjust the volume, bass, treble, and balance.
  • Quiet couch mode for comfort and serenity (with controlled volume and bass).
  • Check/update firmware

The Process

The Lovesac StealthTech system was to be made up of two components; hardware and the mobile application (software).

The hardware development for the StealthTech system was managed by Harman Kardon. To control the firmware through the software, Lovesac required an IoT-based mobile application that would allow the users to conveniently set up and control the StealthTech system.

To master hardware control is typically a challenge, but based on our deep experience developing IoT-based applications, CitrusBits ramped up quickly and developed the necessary hardware control early on.

We kicked off the project with front-end development – creating the internal UI (look and feel) of the application, in parallel with the hardware development. Once the core app was ready and functional, our engineers then worked in close collaboration with Harman Kardon’s hardware team to build, test, and debug the app for iOS and Android, a process we systematically repeated until the MVP was ready.

Final Product Features

In creating a UI/UX for the app, we ensured a user-centered design that aligned with the style guidelines and product vision established by the client. To function as a remote control, the app was designed to enable smooth navigation with a crisp UI and plenty of breathing room. Moreover, we carefully handled the app text styles to ensure ADA compliance as well. 

The Lovesac StealthTech app enables users to set up, tune, and customize their settings for an incredible audio experience. The first step involves tuning to the Sactionals configuration, where the users can select their tuning arrangement, fabric category, type, and color (there are different sound configurations for different fabrics).

After tuning to the Sactional configuration, users can select from Harmon Kardon’s professionally designed presets for different media types, including movie, music, TV, and news. They can also customize their experience by adjusting the bass, treble, balance, and volume, all through in-app controls. The app also allows the users to create and save their own personalized sound settings as custom presets. Moreover, the firmware version can be checked and updated through the app.


“Having the additional functionality available through the app is crucial for our customers to fully customize their StealthTech Sound + Charge system. CitrusBits has been a great partner to work with throughout the whole process, from design to launch. They consistently met deadlines and communicated clearly all along the way. We are very happy with the final execution of the app and how it enhances our newly launched product.”

Jake Forman, Product Engineer – LoveSac

The Results

Because of our dedication to product quality and adherence to project deadlines, the Lovesac StealthTech app successfully launched on budget and on time. The app is already proving to be a big hit, getting 1000+ downloads shortly after going live. The 4.1-star rating underscores the app’s utility and reflects how users are enjoying their new connected experience.

The excellent app has also been featured in renowned publications such as Wired, which called the app a great addition to the Lovesac StealthTech system.

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