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The challenge

LoveSac is a leading modern furniture brand in the United States. Specializing in a patented, modular furniture system called Sactionals — couches that are endlessly configurable and customizable — LoveSac has cultivated a passionate customer base throughout the country.

In partnership with Harman Kardon, known for their premium audio systems, Lovesac developed the Sactionals StealthTech™ Sound + Charge system. Through Harman’s premium audio technology and speakers embedded seamlessly inside the Lovesac Sactionals, users experience Dolby Digital surround sound for an immersive, 4D listening experience. The StealthTech™ system also features a built-in wireless charger and optimizes audio output based on the Sactional fabric type, density, and color for consistent audio quality.

To make the StealthTech™ system a fully wireless experience for users, Lovesac wanted to create an IoT-based application for iOS and Android devices to integrate with the audio hardware. As Harman had an excellent experience working with CitrusBits previously on an embedded audio application, Lovesac approached us to build their new StealthTech™ mobile application.

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The process

Through Discovery, the team gained a solid understanding of the Lovesac brand, the challenge, the competitive landscape, and how to address the needs of the target audience. We determined the the app would include features such as:

  • Total control of the StealthTech™ experience
  • Tuning sound based on a user’s Sactional configuration and fabric type
  • Adjusting volume, bass, treble, and balance
  • A Quiet Couch mode with lowered volume and bass, for user comfort and serenity
  • Allowing users to create custom sound profiles or audio presets

In creating the UX/UI, we ensured a user-centered design that aligned with the brand style guide and the product vision. To function as a remote control, the app was designed to enable smooth navigation with a crisp UI and plenty of breathing room. Moreover, we carefully handled the app text styles to ensure ADA compliance as well.

We kicked off the app front-end development in parallel with the hardware development. Once the core app was ready and functional, our engineers then worked in close collaboration with Harman Kardon’s hardware team to build, test, and debug the app for iOS and Android, a process we systematically repeated until the MVP was ready.

The result

CitrusBits helped Lovesac successfully launch the StealthTech™ Sound + Charge app on time and on budget, all with a heightened focus on product quality. The app features a sleek and modern dark interface, and incorporates a high degree of user personalization. Lovesac users can tune their audio sound according to their own personal presets, Sactional layout configuration, and fabric specifications — for an incredibly comfy and immersive 4D experience.

The Lovesac app was even featured in, which called the app “a great addition” to the Lovesac StealthTech™ Sound + Charge system.

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