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Fresh takes on mobile app trends, emerging tech, UI/UX design, and mobile app development.

Libra Currency Pros Cons

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency – Pros & Cons

When the world was finally a lot less excited about Bitcoin, Facebook decided to stir the pot by announcing the launch...

Experience 3D Painting Virtual Reality Tools

Experience 3D Painting in Virtual Reality with these Tools

Henry David Thoreau once said “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” and technology, namely virtual reality, has literally...

Champions Round App by CitrusBits

Champions Round: Communicator Awards Submission

Overview: Champions Round is a fantasy sports app startup that is upending traditional fantasy sports by introducing round-based gameplay that breaks a...


Corporate App Development: In-house Vs. Outsourcing

More than 95% of the Fortune Global companies – 500 to be exact – have already adapted to enterprise mobile apps...


40+ Stats and Facts About Artificial Intelligence for 2020 and Beyond

TV shows and fiction aside, the present day examples of basic AI are Google Voice, Cortana, Alexa, Siri and chatbots. However, AI isn’t just limited to voice assistants, it’s turning tables in other domains and industries as well...


A Unity Review: Pros and Cons

Did you know that Pokemon Go was built on Unity?  The game created such a hoo-ha amongst teens, tweens, basically everyone,...


How is Wearable Technology Turning Tables in Healthcare?

How often have you witnessed your grandpa or a random elderly in a park checking his wrist device for heart rate...


AR : The Superpower Your Brand Needs

The first ever augmented reality and virtual reality experiment took place in the 60’s, conducted by Ivan Sutherland, who invented the...


Are Healthcare Apps Sharing your Data Without You Knowing?

The data you share with health apps or apps in general is supposedly under lock and key, but how certain are...


Top App Designing Tools: A Comparison with Pros and Cons

Looking to build an application? You’ve got the idea, you have a strategy, you did your homework on the market and...


Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

What’s trending in the mobile app development space?  What is going to make the headline next? As a mobile app developer...

Champions Round App by CitrusBits

Breathe life into your NFL fantasy football leagues this season with Champions Round — the first-ever “micro” fantasy sports app

Excited for the start of the NFL season next week? We are, too! Not just because it means finally seeing Antonio...