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May 12, 2017

Virtual Reality a Solution for Visual Impairment – [3 Reasons Why It Can Help]

According to Wikipedia, “the visual impairment is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses.”

Another source says, “Many people have some type of visual problem at some point in their lives. Some can no longer see objects far away. Others have problems reading the small print. These types of conditions are often easily treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses.”

You might find lots of views on visual impairment and the solutions attached to such eyesight problems. Visual impairment or low vision could be a huge loss for someone who suffers from this problem. The point is that contact lenses and eyeglasses aren’t always helpful which we just noticed. There is no doubt about the fact that more solutions to the visual impairment could help the humanity.

IrisVision is a software technology that does the wonder along with the Virtual Reality. The VR is a computer technology that uses the software to create realistic images, sounds, effects, and sensations to generate a visual environment through the headset being used by the user.

3 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Can Help Defeat Visual Impairment:

1: It Requires a Course of Action

Visionize Global is the maker of IrisVision software technology that worked closely at the Johns Hopkins, which is one of the best eye clinics in the United States, using the Samsung GearVR to bring something phenomenally breathtaking for those who suffer from visual impairment. They have done that using the VR technology. The point is that it always requires a ‘will’ to get something done. IrisVision was founded by Professor Frank Werblin. Dr.Werblin has dedicated his life to the study of the retina. (read more here)

2: Virtual Reality is Happening

Now, the tech giants and industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Sony, HTC, and a few others are after the virtual reality. It seems that new inventions and solutions are around the corner. When all this is happening around VR technology, then why not virtual reality should be used to help solve the medical problems. Nowadays, the VR is being used in healthcare as well as education to help spread the information and knowledge with a different experience, then why not VR should be used for visually impaired patients. It certainly should be.

3: IrisVision is Cost-effective

When it comes to the VR headset for gaming and fun, it’s not really an expensive gadget to play around. The price of VR technology is probably one of the reasons consumers around the world liked it and chose to test in gaming. Similarly, when it comes to using the virtual reality for the visual impairment, Visionize Global took care of the cost and designed the solution that is cost-effective and affordable. Read more about the pricing of IrisVision software technology here.


We’re at a point where virtual reality has come along and it has a long way to go. It seems that virtual reality could be a source of enlightening the visions of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. IrisVision does have a reach, no matter where you live. When it comes to IrisVision, it’s quite obvious to say that VR is a solution for visually impaired patients.

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