Consumer Tech to Look Out For: Top 10 Featured at CES 2022

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January 18, 2022

Held in Las Vegas every year in January, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a major trade show sponsored by CTA (Consumer Technology Association) and features the hottest tech breakthroughs and practical staples that revive our love for technology to do wonders.

On January 5th, 2022, the CES made a come-back as an offline event with the conventional and mind-boggling futuristic tech concepts. With a lot happening, we understand how hard it must be for you to wrap your heads around all the news flooding out of the world’s largest electronics expo. If so, we have you covered! Find below some of our favorite stories straight from CES 2022.

No, it is not an overwhelming mishmash of the news but a quick little roundup of some of the many awe-inspiring tech innovations from CES 2022!

Health tech now has a nice ‘ring’ to it

Oura was made to scoot on the throne of health tech as Movano unveiled the more affordable and sleek health-tracking ‘Movano ring’ at the CES 2022. Amongst all the other MedTech devices and smartwatches, the Movano ring stood out with its superior health tracking technology and convenient form factor. The Movano ring will measure your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, total steps taken, consumed calories, and more, and provide actionable insights to help you improve your health, sleep hygiene, and so forth. This smart ring is expected to launch in the second half of 2022 and Movano is working towards getting FDA clearance too.

Best of sustainability – Tide Infinity

A Space Act Agreement between P&G and NASA produced Tide Infinity as a byproduct that is aimed at enabling the astronauts to do their laundry in space. The astronauts on the ISS (International Space Station) have to wait for their clothes to arrive in a supply shipment and wear the same clothes over and over again in the meantime which turns their apparel into an irredeemable state. Tide aims to solve this problem and has formulated and sent an unscented, fully degradable prototype detergent called ‘Tide Infinity’ into space. Although the efficacy of the product is being tested for spacefarers, Tide hopes to apply the findings of this experiment to fulfill the need for sustainable options on our own planet (especially in water-scarce locales).

BMW showed up with its color-changing car

Here’s to the new take on the traditional exterior paint job on the cars – the E Ink technology. The German automaker BMW showed off its new color-changing car that changes colors with a simple push of a button. The surface coating of the BMW iX features E Ink that contains millions of microcapsules (as thick as human hair) with negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. The driver can simply push a button to choose an exterior from any shade between jet black and brilliant white. Apart from the aesthetics and personalization, this color-changing exterior will also reduce battery draining by helping to cut the cooling and heating required by the car’s air conditioner. This could be achieved by changing the exterior to a lighter color in hot weather to reflect sunlight. In cooler weather, a dark exterior will help absorb noticeably more warmth from the sun. You cannot preorder it yet though! It is just a tech demo for now.

Hello from Bob! – a cute and tiny dishwasher

The color-changing vehicles and smart robots may have stolen the spotlight in CES 2022, but we cannot stop ourselves from falling for this cute little dishwasher named Bob! Yes, portable dishwashers aren’t new to us, but since Bob comes with an integrated water tank, there’s no need to redo cabinets shelves or install water lines. You can simply put water through a faucet or a pitcher and you are good to go! P.S. you can still connect it to the water supply if you want. Bob is a WiFi-connected and microwave-sized dishwasher and will do your dishes in a maximum of 20 mins while saving water too. Its UV-C sanitation option zaps 99% bacteria (use it to disinfect your phones, keys, etc) and adds to its charm.

Sony Mobility – Sony debuts a Vision-S EV prototype

Sony has been transitioning from cameras and PS5 to electric cars for a while now, experimenting with and showcasing new prototypes of electric vehicles at previous CES events. Recently in CES 2022, they have announced the formation of Sony Mobility. Inc, a new company dedicated to the development and transformation of electric cars and is already working on a prototype with a vision for an autonomous electric future. It will be established in the Spring of 2022.

Wondering how sweet your blood is? Let Scanbo tell you!

Want to monitor your blood glucose levels but don’t want to prick your fingertips for a gazillion times? Scanbo got you! Scanbo has developed a prototype device that monitors your blood glucose without pricking your fingers. It combines a three-lead ECG measurement and a PPG (Photoplethysmogram), ultimately giving some promising readings/ results.

Liteboxer VR for Meta Quest 2

The at-home fitness company Liteboxer seems to fully understand how the pandemic has compelled us all to do everything from within the boundaries of our homes, thus entering the metaverse with its first immersive fitness experience. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you seriously need to give Liteboxer VR a try! The company now sells a virtual pad that you can box with at home (hitting specific points at the right intervals). You can try the Liteboxer VR if you have the Oculus Quest 2.

Beyond Honeycomb – the smart kitchen robot

The kitchen appliances are not the only things getting smarter with time. The Korean startup Beyond Honeycomb showcased an AI-enabled robot, rather, an AI chef, that learns to mimic restaurant meals by renowned master chefs from Seoul, South Korea. The company claims that the AI-driven smart chef takes less than 48 hours to learn new recipes. This kitchen robot presents the visitors in Las Vegas with a unique South Korean dining experience without having to fly to South Korea.

Sierra Space shows off its Dream Chaser spaceplane

Amongst all the noise that the latest tech innovations, autonomous cars, VR headsets, and smart robots made, Sierra Space showed up with innovations that are out of this world.

Sierra Space showcased a life-size replica of its Dream Chaser spaceplane also called America’s Spaceplane which resembles a miniature NASA space shuttle and is designed to carry crew and cargo to low-earth orbit. Moreover, Sierra Space has already secured a deal with NASA for unmanned flights to the International Space Station which will be implemented this year. The driving force behind these mind-blowing ventures of Sierra Space is the vision of a future where people would live and thrive beyond our planet.

Asus Zenbook 17 fold OLED with core i7

After foldable phones that have been seen everywhere in the hallways of CES, the focus has shifted towards foldable laptops. Here’s a promising step towards foldable laptops, the Asus Zenbook 17 fold – the world’s first-ever foldable laptop-tablet hybrid. Basically, Asus Zenbook 17 is a tablet with a desktop-grade processor that can be folded in half. It has a full 17-inch display when unfolded. The kickstand on its back allows it to stand alone as a monitor. You can also create one continuous screen that runs from the top of the laptop down to the virtual keyboard. If you wish to type using physical keys, you can place an ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard on the lower screen.

CES 2022 was a much happening episode of all the futuristic tech innovations that took us a step closer to living like ‘The Jetsons’. The meaningful tech breakthroughs and products left us more excited for the next year’s series of CES. With flying cars, AI-driven kitchen robots, pilotless spaceplanes, and the world quickly progressing to build a life in the metaverse, we can only expect innovations beyond the bounds of the imagination.

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