Why Progressive Web Apps Might be Right for You?

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October 17, 2017

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs is a term used for those different kinds of apps that are based on the latest web technologies. Apparently, it seems to be regular websites or web pages but can appear to the user like native mobile apps or traditional apps. It is new but in few years these will be average web apps.

Progressive Web Apps combine the features being offered by most of the modern day web browsers with the advantages of mobile experience, service workers, and web app manifest.

The main characteristics of Progressive Web Apps are:

  • Responsive – Fit for all devices and platforms
  • Progressive – Work for every user regardless of web browser being used
  • Connectivity Independent – Service workers allow work on low-quality networks and also offline
  • App Like Usage – Style, interactions and navigation like normal apps
  • Fresh – Always up to date
  • Safe – Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and ensure content has not been tempered at all
  • Re-Engageable – Re-engagement system via push notifications like features
  • Discoverable – Easy to find on search engines because of worker registration scope and W3C manifests
  • Installable – Keeping apps on the home screen without need of app stores at all
  • Linkable – Can be shared via URL and free from all kind of installation
  • Highly Profitable – These does not change the deployment or packaging model unlike native apps
  • Requires fewer Resources – Unlike native apps, PWA requires little space and resources. That extends the battery of the device and offers to function even on the low network and in offline mode as well.
  • UX – Feel like natural app with an immersive user experience

Why Build a Progressive Web App?

Building a high-quality PWA has many advantages and benefits. One of the biggest benefits of developing these apps is that it delights the users along with growing conversions and engagement as well. Here are rest of the benefits for developing Progressive Web App:

Work Reliably on Every Network

These apps work easily on all kind of networks even with low-quality networks as well. These apps work reliably because service workers let Konga forward 63% less data for initial page loads and 85% fewer data to complete the first transaction successfully.

Increased Engagement

The features like push notifications let eXtra Electronics enhance engagement by four times. Then users can speed twice as much time on the website.

Worthy of Being on the Home Screen

In case PWAs are designed correctly, most of the advanced web browsers to add the PWA to the home screen of the browser.

Improved Conversions

It delivers best user experience and improves conversions process for new users across all browsers and on mobile devices as well.

Seems an App, Works Like a Website

One of the major selling points, Progressive Web Apps are often designed to seem like mobile apps and works like websites. That system allows the users to operate main settings and enjoying the full functionality of sites with database and dynamic data access.

Fast Installation

Another interesting point is that most of the web browsers automatically prompt users to install these apps when the users are visiting that website.

No App Store Submission Requirement

Progressive Web Apps lets developers push updates without the need for approvals and avoid the tedious and time-consuming process involved in multiple app stores.

Low Barriers to Installation

The other factor making these profitable is that these are discoverable and easy to install. The users do not need to move to the app store at all. PWA circumvents the App Store altogether, permitting users to find them with normal Google and URLS based searches.

Factors Making Progressive Web Apps an Attractive Solution

Many factors go into the favor of Progressive Web Apps. Here are some of them:

Easy Implementation

These are easy to implement. In case you are working on web apps then you can develop Progressive Web App along with it by doing nearly 15% front end coding. You do not require changing framework or adding other functions at all because PWA is developed with JavaScript.


These are easy to expand because more functionality are easy to add as a developer is already working on a website. It also allows for updating PWA with new features.

Browsers Compatibility

The modern day web browsers are fully compatible with PWA and all functions that these apps have to offer.


Unlike native apps, PWAs are cross platforms just like regular websites.

Support by Google

Progressive Web Apps are backed by the Google. Even Google is encouraging the developers and webmasters to develop the websites into an app like experience.

Cost of Development

Cost of developing Progressing Web Apps varies from functions to functions like selected framework, usage of technology, complexity, location, intended use and much more. Overall, costs of these apps are comparatively low as compared to the other apps. One of the main reasons is that as these works on every device with a browser and uses one code base for all platforms. That factor reduces the costs of development services of PWAs.


Progressive Web Apps are as much important and worthy as Web APIs, web apps and other apps are. The web is main platform that runs on every platform. Developers consider the web the future of apps. Millions of app store apps are already using web technologies, and PWAs are enhancing their importance. For e-commerce business and startups, Progressive Web Apps is a good option to choose.

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