How Virtual Reality Can Change the World of Marketing

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May 15, 2017

VR Can Change the World of Marketing

The Virtual Reality has already rung the bells and given the signals on being the next big thing in the technology world. We can acknowledge the fact that VR is a big deal in the near future. This article reveals research that said that global search interest in VR grew 4x over the last year alone.

One of the amazing things about the technology we try to get used to of it is that it is ever-changing — And how incredibly it is impacting the way we live and do business. A few decades back, the marketing used to be conventional and traditional in terms of mediums such as newspapers, magazine, and TV commercials. Today, the consumer is smart and the brands need to convince the consumer in order to engage, convince, and convert.

In this brief blog post, we’re looking into the matter that how brands can cope with the storytelling challenges in a world where ‘Virtual Reality’ would be a norm and people would love to spend time in the virtual world playing games, not to mention exploring the places around the world.

There are certain elements that are important when it comes to marketing change and storytelling challenges in the VR influenced world:

Access to the Masses

What we need to see is that how effectively and largely the technology of VR has reached to the audience. In fact, how long would it take to reach it to the majority of the people who can or want to try the technology? Because the masses factor is something that’s life-changing, if a technology isn’t made for masses, it wouldn’t impress the majority of the people. Take, smartphones, for example. Smartphones are everywhere. The companies are manufacturing these phones and making available in all kind of prices. So, this technology is available to anyone who can or who wants to adopt.

The Right Form of Content

The companies which are keenly looking at the marketing opportunities and trying to find the ways of engagement of the prospective customers could be a little curious about this VR development. They might be looking at this technology to understand that how they can benefit from this innovation. This isn’t about choosing the content genre here. In fact, the idea is about building the technology or content to comply with the VR. For instance, medical science has already gone a step forward using the VR. According to the updates, nowadays, some hospitals in the developed countries are testing the use of Virtual Reality to teach and educate the students using this technology.

How to Influence the People

The marketing world operates by gaining the attention and delivering the message. The brands are good at this. They have been using traditional methods for centuries and now the advancement of technology, for example, the virtual reality is going to be a new thing for them to manage it. They (brands) would still want to influence the audience for engagement and conversion but what the medium would be, is quite a concern for them.

Where to Getting Started

One of the things the marketing world needs to identify is actually where to begin the process. Finding out where to begin with, could help design their strategy to follow along the way. Whether they want to bring VR into customer care or advertisement or something else, would be determined in the near future. But one thing is sure, virtual reality is something the whole world is looking at and we need to start looking that how we can get started with this.

What do you think about the future of Marketing in the Virtual Reality world?

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