CitrusBits Launches Social Impact Grant Program for Mobile Apps, Cites Lessons Learned from COVID-19

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April 9, 2020

Leading mobile app agency to award grants up to $100,000 for app strategy, UI/UX design, and app development.

Pasadena, CA — April 9th, 2020 (Original Release)

  • Grants up to $100,000 are now available.
  • First application round closes Friday, April 24th.

CitrusBits, an award-winning mobile app development agency based in California, has launched CitrusBits Cultivator, a social impact grant program for apps. Grants up to $100,000 USD will be awarded by CitrusBits Cultivator to allow businesses and individuals to develop apps with high social impact potential — at significantly reduced cost or free.

When COVID-19 spread beyond China, becoming a global pandemic, the CitrusBits team observed that many mobile apps and online services were playing a big positive role — not just directly in the fight against the virus — but also on the sidelines, helping people cope with life in a pandemic.

“The potential for social impact in the mobile app space has always been there, but it’s been magnified by COVID-19 and the emergency orders in effect around the world. Many people are beginning to understand the societal benefits we derive from app trends like virtual collaboration, telehealth/telemedicine, food delivery, ecommerce, e-learning, and even streaming-based services. Yet, the work is not done,” said Harry Lee, CEO of CitrusBits.

“There are many more needs that are currently underserved and many more that are not yet on our team’s radar. So, we’ve created the CitrusBits Cultivator to accelerate and cultivate solution creation and drive forward our social impact mission – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”

The grant program involves a simple application process.

Interested applicants are invited to fill out a short online form by Friday 4/24, to begin consideration by the CitrusBits Cultivator team. While award sizes will vary based on project complexity and CitrusBits’ assessment of project impact, there is no cap on either the number or total value of grants CitrusBits Cultivator will award.

Besides CitrusBits Cultivator, CitrusBits is currently building proof-of-concept apps that it believes could become pertinent as the COVID-19 saga unfolds, and even when the next crisis appears. Specifically, CitrusBits has published a proof-of-concept AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot that answers user questions about COVID-19 using external, trusted data sources. Importantly, the chatbot is self-learning and increases in sophistication as more users interact with it. The CitrusBits team has also built a proof-of-concept factchecking app, which can help users sort out fact from fiction in the news and on social media. While these proof-of-concept applications are not intended for public use at present, they represent CitrusBits’ commitment to innovating new solutions for social good.

“We’re committed across our global team to do our part. We’ve been working for weeks to create solutions to help government officials, public health officials, health practitioners, businesses, and the public at large get through this pandemic. The new CitrusBits Cultivator grant program makes this a multipronged strategy. We are at a point where we’d like to welcome more partners in this effort,” said Lee.

Learn more about the CitrusBits Cultivator or submit a short online application form now at free consultation. First round applications are due by 11:59pm PDT, Friday, April 24t.h, 2020.

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CitrusBits is an award-winning mobile app agency that has built more than 300 critical mobile apps for such well-known clients as DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Burger King, and Quiksilver. Firmly planted at the intersection of user-focused design, mobile app development, and emerging technologies like augmented reality, CitrusBits leverages deep expertise across these disciplines to help businesses reach their loftiest goals and thrive.

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