How to Write the Description of Your Mobile App

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August 7, 2021

There are different levels of mobile app profile optimizing both on Play store and App store. The purpose is to make sure that the app reaches to the maximum audience organically in the stores. This happens through various channels such as search, similar apps, and recommendations.

The challenge is to maximize the potential of the app through available parameters such as search, similar apps, and recommendations. The search feature works when someone searches the app and the store provides the list of the apps that could help. Secondly, similar apps show up automatically that are related to the app you’re looking for. Thirdly, the app recommendations is a slot that shows you some apps that people are using along with the specific app you’re looking for.

The point is that there are certain factors that put your app in front of the audience. If this is not the case, then why hundreds of thousands of apps come every month and remain disappeared from the mainstream. So, one of the important factors of getting that attention and spotlight is the right description. Now, the best description may not be able to help if your app’s user-experience isn’t attractive, the name doesn’t standout, or the overall performance is unimpressive. Assuming that everything has been setup perfectly and it’s time to write down the description of the app.

Following key elements will help you write the best description for your mobile app:

1: Clear Introduction

The user will walk away in 3 seconds if your first-two lines don’t clearly tell about your app. Use the first two lines of your app description to clarify the app. If it’s an app about health, just start off with the words like: it’s a state-of-the-art health management mobile app. You need to hook people up to your app by providing them clear, precise, and quick information about your app. Don’t forget to explain what app exactly does. A lot of mobile app descriptions are written in a way that tells that what the user would feel afterward. Instead, the descriptions should elaborate clearly that what the app does to help solve a certain problem.

2: Main Features

It’s extremely good to have a list of features of the app mentioned in the description. If the features are missing, the chances are, half the users won’t get the clear idea of what this app does in actual. Moreover, try to list down the features either in numbers or bullets. It makes it easier for the user to go through the important aspects of the mobile app.

3: How-to Guide

The app stores provide quite an opportunity to the mobile app developers to fill up the text part in the description. Use this description writing opportunity to the fullest by providing an in-depth how-to-use guide of your mobile app. A lot of mobile apps have how to use guides in their descriptions, which not just help from the SEO-perspective, but it also helps the users to understand the operations of the mobile app. It doesn’t mean that one should go all in and start writing a full-fledged lengthy article for the description. It must be detailed but shouldn’t be long enough to trip people off once they look at it. The extra long text materials often intimidate people. So, avoid going for an extra lengthy how-to guide.

4: Using the Subheadings

One of the tips to write a better copy of your description is using the subheadings in the description. It shows off that how well the text has been written. The description, however, appears easy to read, understand, and look at, just because the text body is defined with the subheadings and giving no trouble to the user whatsoever.

5: URL and Email

A lot of mobile apps have URLs and Emails mentioned at the end of the description. The core purpose of this strategy is to start the engagement process with the audience if they may have any questions about the app. Normally, startups and companies use the last two lines of the description body to mention their contact details, in case, someone wants to ask anything about the app.

Let’s wrap up

The above mentioned key elements will help you write your mobile app description. It’s imperative to have a well-written, optimized, and an in-depth description for your mobile app. No matter how much you give your effort into online advertising, social media engagement, and branding, the on-page optimization of your mobile app profile will play an essential role in the end.

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