Python vs. Node.js: Which is Best for Startup?

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October 9, 2017

Web or app development can never be easy if one’s failed in taking proper steps before starting the development stage. That’s why it is being said making the proper planning is equal to half success. In today development market, the most renowned languages are ever green C++, Java, PHP, Python, and Node.js.

As we discussed in introductory lines that making the proper understanding before starting the development phase is important. Python and Node.js are two main important programming languages that are highly used for performing and development purposes. Both have advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Some aspects of one go in favor of the professionals, and some go in favor of the startups or beginners.

Before throwing light on the factors that make the distinction between it is important to discuss them one by one in their individual state.


Python is one of the oldest and widely used high-end programming languages that is being used for general purpose programming since 1991. The reasons behind the development of Python was to introduce such kind of programming language in the newly introduced development phase that gives the developers a better code readability.

Python got too many developers because of offering for the first time features and functionalities like code readability system and syntax highlighting system for assisting the programmers to get more production doing very few coding. That’s why soon it started to replace C++ and Java on many grounds because the later mentioned languages were dealing with too many lines of codes.

The ultimate aim of Python was and still is to constructs to intended to enable the programmers to enjoy clear cut programming on both small and large scale. That’s why it is still the high-level programming languages because of being used for all general purpose programming.

Features that make Python as Best First Programming Language

Numerous development has been made in the programming and development world, but still, Python is considered to be the Best First Programming Language. Here is why it is so popular?

  • An automatic memory management and dynamic type system for dealing with multiple programming paradigms at once.
  • Multifunctional in the shape of being a functional programming language, object oriented, imperative, object-oriented and offering procedural styles.
  • Availability of one of the largest and most comprehensive standard libraries.
  • Compatibility with almost all operating systems for Python interpreters.

Benefits of Python for Startups

There is no secret Python is a top programming language for past five years. It is so because it is offering a lot of benefits to programmers.

It flows as per expectations of programmers

It knows the standard control flow that other programming languages speak – with some additional twists.

Functions Defined

Python knows how to define a function. It permits for all arguments like optional and mandatory arguments, keyword arguments and even arbitrary arguments.

Compound Data Types

Python can easily understand the Lists/Array. It allows programmers to deal with Lists/Array as they want like indexing, slicing, and manipulating with other integrated functions.

Intuitive Interpretation

It simplifies the calculation by offering a straightforward system for syntax expression. The operators like +, -, * and likewise others are work as these are expected to work. These can also be used for grouping purposes as well.

It is not messy at all

In addition to being simple, Python offers more clarity. It is as like everything will be implied in the order in which it is inserted.

Better Readability

Clear and clean readability is no doubt the prime factor that always keeps it in the top slot.

Benefits of Python Programming Language for Programmers

Python has made it simple for the startups as well. It is not for the professionals only. Startups can also take advantage from it in shape of following factors.

Clear Syntax

Its clear syntax and indentation structures go in favor of startups.

High-level data structure

Its data structures in addition to being efficient is simple and offer the effective system to object oriented programming.

Elegant Syntax and Dynamic Typing

Yes, you have read right what we have types, elegant syntax, and dynamic typing. The interpreted nature of Python makes it an ideal language for both scripting and app development purposes.

Free availability of interpreter and extensive standard library

All of its interpreters are freely available in both binary and source format for all leading operating systems.


It is easily extended by simply adding new functions. It can also be used as a means for extension language for customizable applications.


Node.js is a JavaScript based run time environment that was launched with the purpose of executing JavaScript code server side. Although JavaScript itself was being used for client side scripting to work easily in the web browser with the launch of Node.js, it became able to be used for server side scripting as well and running scripts server side to generate dynamic page content before sending the web page to the web browser of the user.

Most of the startup’s programmers take a .js extension of Node.js as JavaScript. However, it is not meant to do so at all. It is just like the name given to this run time environment. The overall advantage of Node.js is optimizing scalability and throughput in web applications with input and output operations and also for real time web apps as well.

The additional functionalities of Node.js are that it also permits for creating networking and web servers tools deploying JavaScript and several other modules that are capable of dealing with multiple core functionalities. With the usage of Node.js, the developers no more are required to rely on threading for highly scalable servers.

Features that make Node.js Suitable for Development

Node.js has been enjoying a significant amount of developers attention because of the following features:

  • One of the extraordinary features of Node.js is developing real-time apps like gaming and chatting apps.
  • js is also suitable for even based and non-blocking driven servers.
  • It is faster than before because it uses Google V8 engine.
  • It enhances framework’s speed subject to the correct writing of program code by developers.
  • It is neutral that’s why it is gradually becoming the heave of programming languages.
  • In addition to being secure, it comes in already for enterprise deployment purposes.

Benefits of Node.js for Startups

There are many impeccable reasons that Node.js became the most demanded among start-ups.

Building things is quicker

Although it is not as productive as Rails and Ruby are but still it is best because every module as per imagination of developers is possible to develop here. You will be thankful for its npm ecosystem.

Easy on hands in term of learning and coding

This is what a startup needs, a simple start to great ending. It has no steep learning curves at all. The availability of tutorials on code sites makes the learning process easy. The same language on both front end side and backend side supports the full stack developer movement that’s importance startup will realize when he will be at the initial stage of the product.

Node.js compatibility with I/O bound apps

It is probably one of the greatest advantages of Node.js that it support for I/O bound apps as well like mobile apps, IoT, web apps, DIRTy apps, etc.

Better development speed and reduced response time

Dealing with a huge number of A/B test is a lengthy process during app development. As Node.js is simply lightweight without any compilation, so it will assist you in accelerating the process of development.

Compatibility with mobile platforms

Node.js is suited for development for all leading mobile platforms. For those who want to shift from native mobile apps to hybrid mobile apps will surely like its way of working.

Python vs. Node.js Head to Head Comparison: Which Should You Choose as a Startup?


Python offers straightforward coding. Developers don’t need to write lengthy code at all to execute something. In Node.js, code most of the time either blocked the overall process or prone to multiple execution stacks in case of many connections

Result: Python is best for coding

Response Time

Python is efficient when it comes to coding and programming in smooth order. However, most of the time its request session failed to read the response. Response.text is the common example that most of the time returns with the message of the improperly decoded text. Node.js response time is much time higher because it deploys the V8 VM JIT compiler of Google Chrome.

Result: Node.js is more responsive as it deploys the JavaScript backend.

Development and programming for complex and complicated projects

As Node.js doesn’t support for multithreaded programming, so it is not suitable for complex and large applications development. Python is simple and expressive, so it is best to be used for hosting of things and feasible choice for dealing with complex and large multi-protocol network applications.

Result: Python is suitable for developing both small and large scale development projects while Node.js is perfect for dealing with initial phase projects.

Interaction with other languages

Node.js relies heavily on JavaScript run environment, so it doesn’t offer too much integration and compatibility support with the third party programming languages. On the other side, a lot of third party modules are available for the Python that’s why it easily interact with other programming languages.

Result: Python offers a greater amount of compatibility.

Programming, Development, and Java

Node.js performance is fast in Java in run time environment because it relies heavily on it. However, Python performance is not better when it is about dealing with Java. Moreover, it is also not perfect for memory intensive projects.

Result: For integration and compatibility with Java and JavaScript, Node.js is perfect than Python.

High-End Games and Graphics

Node.js is particularly designed for dealing with the high-end game and graphical development projects. It even works on those projects as well that requires a lot of CPU activity. Python on the other end is not good in both cases.

Result: Node.js is suitable for dealing with those projects that are easy to manage on PC with low specs.

Tutorials and Helping Material

Python has one of the largest and most comprehensive standard libraries. It is offering too many guidelines and helping material. Node.js is little new, and limited examples and codes are available over the source code offering websites.

Result: Python is easy to learn because of availability of too much learning material.


Both Python and Node.js has benefits and limitations at the same time. Giving weight one over other is hard. Overall, it depends on for which purpose you want to use one of them. In some cases, Python is best, and in other cases, Node.js deliver best as we have discussed in the head to head comparison section. For startups, we will recommend, Python because of easy code and programming system. At advanced stages, startups are advised to go for Node.js because it will be difficult for them to learn Python at an advanced stage.

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