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The next frontier of healthcare is already familiar ground for CitrusBits. We’ve built technology-enabled healthcare products and services that are revolutionizing hospital and physician’s offices — via extended reality (XR), AR/VR, cloud computing, etc. — expanding diagnostics capabilities, patient engagement, and improving healthcare delivery, all the while decreasing costs.

Let CitrusBits bring your HealthTech project to life… and watch your business thrive.

Our expertise in HealthTech includes:

Patient Privacy &
HIPPA Compliance

We know and build for HIPAA compliance and other regulatory requirements

Telehealth Software Development

Diagnose and monitor health wherever patients are

Hardware & Software Integration

Custom apps, SaaS, and platform solutions that perform with accuracy and reliability


Everything from the simplest step tracker to digital implants.

Diagnostics Software

Award-winning diagnostics software solutions that integrate with custom medical devices

AI-based Solutions

Implement AI and new technologies to create customized solutions

Healthcare Security

Protecting practices, patients, documents, and workflows at every stage

Benefits to custom healthcare solutions that leverage technology

Enhanced patient engagement

Utilizing technology, digital healthcare apps and platforms can increase patient engagement by offering tailored experiences to patients, and configurable by each practice.

Boost brand awareness

Healthcare apps and platforms are powerful tools to build your brand's reputation, set you apart from the competition, and increase patient retention.

Build and scale your business or practice

According to Statistica, the global mobile health market size is anticipated to reach $333B by the year 2025. Leveraging cutting-edge technology helps you rapidly scale your business.

Increase revenue

According to Appannie, 64% of US adults regularly use an app to measure health metrics. A highly intuitive healthcare app can help your business increase revenue and boost sales.

Tracking, diagnostics, and management

Whether it's hardware, software, tablet apps, web apps or wearables, CitrusBits can create custom suites of solutions for patients and practices.

Case studies

Case studies

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