5 Best AR Christmas Campaigns that will Spice up Your Holiday Spirit

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December 18, 2020

1. Coca-Cola’s #besanta & Augmented Polar Bears

During the past few years, no other brand has managed to align itself with Christmas as much as Coca Cola. Their ad campaigns are a showstopper. They have continued to add AR to their advertising activities for a few years now. Using the Coca-Cola app, you can watch its famous polar bears and Santa Claus becomes augmented or real. The app is available for iOS and Android.

To display the polar bears’ winter wonderland come to life, all you need to do is scan Coca Cola’s holiday-themed cans or bottles. The enchanting experience from the company reported having rendered the iconic red suit of Santa in a beautiful manner.

#besanta is another example – with Coca-Cola’s AR Facebook Camera effect (for Kenya) you could #beSanta-and share customizable Christmas greeting cards with your loved ones.

2. Starbucks Adds to the Festive Magic with Christmas-themed Insta Effects

Last Christmas, along with a very festive coffee brought to you in a very festive holiday cup, Starbucks brought you four Christmas-themed Instagram animated effects.

These effects get activated when you scan one of the four limited-edition Starbucks holiday cups.

The philosophy behind was to subtly center the attention of its visitors on those reusable cups and facilitate an eco-friendly lifestyle. That’s not the first time AR has been used by Starbucks during Christmas time. A few years back, they launched a Snapchat filter that converted you into a whole community of carol singers. Did you get to try that one?

3. McDonald’s reignites Christmas Magic with Dancing Reindeer and Advent Calendar

Mickey D’s fries bring all the fries lovers to the yard. But there is more to Mcdonald’s than its crispy fries. Christmas usually comes a little early at McDonald’s with its advent Calendar (McCalendar?).

McDonald’s converted its tray liners into interactive advent calendars, allowing you to unlock new content every day of the festive period. It lets you scan the liners to unleash selfie filters, games, and animations. What’s more, you can participate to instantly win Amazon vouchers.

About a few years back, Snapchat allowed you to activate a lens by scanning McDonald’s Christmas packaging. Once activated, a cool, dancing reindeer materialized accompanying you on a happy Christmas-themed video. The AR effect related to the otherwise famous ad where Santa visits McDonald’s for some reindeer delights.

Just a random thought out of context, would Christmas at McDonald’s be McChristmas?

4. Elfie Selfie with Cadbury? Or Add to Your Sweetness with its AR Advent Calendar

Cadbury is all about adding to your joy (and making your taste-buds go ooh-la-la) — especially during the Christmas season. Remember how they treated the chocolate-lovers to a fresh new product, an AR-enabled advent calendar?

To redesign this augmented reality traditional advent calendar, Cadbury collaborated with Blippar and Design Bridge. They capitalized on the growing trend of shared selfies, giving digital currency to teenagers.

For every day of the festival, you can use your mobile phone to activate a holiday selfie filter. The campaign was central to placing the calendar as a luxury item, driving excellent outcomes of engagement and fostering social sharing.

Cadbury also partnered up with Woolworths for its Elfie selfie filter. It let the users snap or create a short video with elves using the Cadbury app. Who doesn’t like elves posing with them? Check this out,

5. IKEA Lets You Place a Virtual Tree

IKEA’s AR Christmas calendars are one of the most awaited holiday items in the IKEA collection each year. It introduces its relevant augmented reality app to the traditional calendar in 2020 for use.

It lets you enjoy distinct visuals in a combo with festive sounds when scanning the front side of the photos within the doors. These doors, such as recipes or small games, can be enabled to display the secret content within them. In addition, the IKEA AR app also lets you place a virtual Christmas tree wherever you like. Can’t find a tree? No worries, they provide an embellished one.

That’s the beauty of augmented reality, it enhances every experience. Do you see how cleverly these bands adopt AR in a combo with Christmas in their marketing strategy? AR enhances the appeal of a traditional product, increasing engagement, and blowing up the social sharing rates as well — even at the most competitive time of the year. However, AR only works best when you take a customer-centric approach to it, very much like the brands mentioned above.

We Wish You a Very Augmented Reality Christmas!

Doesn’t AR augment the Christmas spirit and make everything seem fun and enchanting? If you’re looking to learn more about augmented reality we have plenty of content and a few resources to get you started.

And if it’s an augmented reality mobile app you’re looking to outsource, we got that covered as well. Reach us out here. Until then, Merry Christmas!

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