Add to Your Christmas Magic with these Festive Apps

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December 22, 2020

Last Christmas we were seated next to our loved ones sharing a delicious meal and a good laugh over the dinner table. This Christmas, some of us may not be able to sit with our families and friends for a festive meal but let’s still connect with our loved ones, share a good meal and a laugh, even if so virtually.

Let’s keep the Christmas spirit alive. So, as it snows outside, don your crazy Christmas sweaters and connect with your loved ones virtually to celebrate the day in full spirit with Zoom, Hangout, or Skype.

As fun video chatting can be, sometimes you just want to do some fun activities with your friends or family, instead of just talking. Here are 3 useful and fun apps for Christmas to try.

1. ‘A message from Santa!’

Stir up the Christmas celebrations for your little ones or friends and family with ‘A Message from Santa!’ It’s that time of the year again when your little ones start questioning Santa’s existence. It’s strange, they wonder if he exists at all – deep down they know the answer – but do they still want you to invite Santa over? Yes. With this app, you can settle this once and for all, or at least for as long as they remain innocent ‘little ones’.

2. Christmas Radio

Here’s another interesting app for Christmas to set the mood. Christmas is after all a whole new mood and nothing gets people into the Christmas spirit quite as much as the holiday-themed back-to-back music.
With the Christmas Radio app, you can access over 80 unique radio stations playing nothing but Christmas songs, so you can make sure that all those special moments with your friends and loved ones will now have a proper soundtrack.

3. Christmas Pics Quiz Game

Stressed after all the day’s work? Just relax, take a deep breath, and do a few easy holiday theme puzzles on your smartphone with your family!

It’s a really entertaining game where the name of an object tucked away behind four squares has to be identified and spelled out. To show more of the piece, tap the squares, but tapping fewer squares will earn you more points. Nothing complex, just a light and fun brain-teaser

You Can Always Netflix Together!

And if you still have room for another activity after you have tried any of the above-mentioned apps for Christmas, ‘Netflix Party’ with your loved ones anywhere. It is a free google chrome extension that synchronizes playback as well as offers a group chat feature. It’s a great feature for people who love throwing a comment on every scene or two every few minutes (you may want to google if it can be disabled for people who love pitching in on every scene though).

Christmas is family time and we hope these apps help spice up your Christmas celebrations as a family and bring you joy during this festive season. Merry Christmas!

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