5G Is About To Take Everything By Storm. Are You Ready?

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July 29, 2021

Still waiting to be WOWED by an AR experience? Maybe you are tired of coping with lag times in your multi-player games? Or maybe you are from the bunch who is looking for other options to be able to connect all devices on a single network?

From a doctor’s AR practice table to an around-the-house helping robot, 5G is your answer to all of these problems and more. Any untapped potential that we haven’t been able to access because of current network technologies, 5G is here to change all of that with zero latency, a huge bandwidth, and more room for devices.

Lets start at the beginning.

What Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of the wireless communication network for mobiles. Before this you had 4G or 3G on your phones. The key aspect differentiating 5G from its other counterparts is that 5G can make use of the millimeter wave. The guys over at AT&T thought of this brilliant new way to utilize the millimeter wave spectrum, which has never been used before for creating wireless networks. It has a shorter wavelength than 4G but a higher frequency, which gives it a higher bandwidth and consequently the ability to handle more data.

An interesting turn of events, this release of 5G won’t just be limited to your smartphones now. Verizon launched 5G Home as opposed to a cable broadband connection in a selected few areas of US. A lot of prying eyes will be waiting to see how well it fares in the longer run but so far, it is doing great.

As soon as Verizon released 5G more and more companies zoned in on the race to create 5g enabled smartphones. Why so?

It comes with the promise of much faster data download and upload speeds, better coverage and more stable connections. That means no breaking up in the middle of a call, no waiting for your movies to buffer and definitely no download times. With 5G, we will be able to create billions of new connections, instantaneously and securely.

Now that you know what 5G is, Let me show you how fast and powerful it will really be.

How Fast is 5G?

Let me break it down in numbers for you.

It will have a 100 times better capacity than 4G. That should improve internet speed quite considerably.

Binge watching one of your hobbies? Let’s say you’re up for watching a 2-hour movie online.

If you are watching it on a 3G network, it would take around 26 hours.

If you are watching it on a 4G network, you would be ready to watch the film in 6 minutes.

If you had a 5G network, you would just have to wait 3 and a half seconds! Yes, SECONDS!!

Lets talk about the response times

A 4G network responds to commands in 50 milliseconds

The 5G network will respond in 1 millisecond – that is 400 times faster than a blink of eye

That’s how fast a 5g network will be! Pretty exciting right?

When Is 5G Coming to us?

All these stats do make you hungry for 5G. Well, many companies have begun rolling 5G out in various locations in US. Here is a list of a few companies providing 5g services.

  • Verizon: Providing fixed and mobile 5G in a few areas of
    Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis
  • AT&T: Providing mobile 5G in for a few customers in a few areas of
    San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oklahoma, Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Orlando, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis
  • T-Mobile: Providing commercial 5G services in parts of
    Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York
  • Sprint: Providing mobile 5G in
    Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City
  • C Spire: Providing fixed 5G services in Mississippi
  • Starry: Providing fixed 5G in
    Boston, Denver, LA, New York City, and Washington DC

With 5G on the go, you must have also heard a lot of speculations about 5G unlocking many locked potentials, specifically that of AR/VR.I would say any place where machines need to talk to each other, with a lot of chatter, and require quick responses, 5G will not only be beneficial but critical.

Let’s indulge in a few details about the why’s and the how’s.

Perks of Having a 5G Connection

No Latency & No Delays

Slow or delayed responses are the bane to any technology-based experience, be it a minor 2 sec delay or a 2 min deadlock.

The time it takes the computer to generate a response to anything you do, for example, the delay you experience when you shoot a zombie and the time it takes your internet server to tell the game whether you hit or miss your target, is termed as Latency. Current networks struggle with providing a decreased latency but 5G promises no latency or delays at all.

Areas such as mobile gaming, factory robots, self-driving cars and similar tasks requiring quick response, where a 4G network struggles to perform, will become seamless and efficient with a 5G network.

Bigger is Better – More Room for Connecting Devices

Ever had a problem in connecting too many devices on the same network? You won’t with a 5G connection. Even though 4g connections provide thousands of connections for each cell, but it still does not meet the needs of everything mobile has to offer.

According to Huawei, “A 5G network provides up to a million connections per square kilometer. This will bring an exponential increase in the number of connections.”

Millions and billions of connections are needed for new tech such as smart wearable technology. Experts suggest that even AR smartglasses in the future will have the user connected with more devices and thus will require an instant flow of information about the objects in the real world. The information will be too dynamic and in large volumes to be stored in a local database so the smartglasses will have to continuously communicate with a cloud in real time. An endeavor only a high capacity connection like 5G can perform.

Increased Traffic Capacity

A fast network with more connected devices must be strong enough to handle the increase in traffic as well.

According to Qualcomm, “5G can offer a 100X improvement in traffic capacity compared to 4G connectivity”.

A network that is overloaded with traffic is yet another reason contributing to latency. 5G’s ability to handle more traffic will open a lot of doors.

The CEO of EchoAR, Alan Grinshpoon, said in an interview,” ‘Pokemon Go’ was a 4G experience. You were just seeing one small asset in the real world, but with 5G, you can stream a lot more data.” Just imagine, a shared AR experience over a 5G network. You won’t just be able to battle each other uninterrupted, but you will be able to connect with more friends at a single time.

That is just one technology front, imagine a world where everything is connected. Cars to every tower they cross, doctors to every medical device of their patient, every home appliance with the owner’s smartphone. 5G will impact every industry, across all verticals.

That leaves us with some questions. 5G enabled smartphones are already a thing of the past. Should we expect 5G enabled tech elsewhere as well? Will 5G take everything else by storm? Or will it struggle to perform just like its predecessor? Only time will tell.

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