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App Clips

WWDC 2020 Recap: Here’s What’s Pertinent for iPhone apps and iOS developers

Following Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) last week, it was abundantly clear that while Apple’s manufacturing activity may have slowed...

25 Insightful Telehealth Stats, Facts, & Trends You Should Know

According to a Frost & Sullivan forecast, the telehealth market is poised for a ‘tsunami of growth’! And the upward shift...

Facebook gaming app

Facebook Debuts its Gaming App (First on Google Play)

Seeing a silver lining amid social distancing and a lockdown owing to coronavirus, Facebook fast-tracked the debut of its gaming...

Myth Debunked 5G Possibly Caused Covid-19

Myth Debunked: Is 5G causing coronavirus?

Another conspiracy theory adds to the expanding list of conspiracy theories.  This time around, the accusing finger of the active social...

social distancing

“Social Distancing” and the Apps that are Helping Us Cope

With the terms “social distancing” and “social isolation” trending given the spread of COVID-19 here in the U.S. and throughout the...


A (Telehealth) App a Day Just Might Keep the Doctor Away

Why Insurance Carriers, Silicon Valley, and Society at Large are Gung Ho about Telehealth Apps and Health-Monitoring Wearables. Update, 3/13/20: With...

Gamification 101

App Gamification 101: What is Gamification and How Can It Help?

There are many ways you can gamify applications, from morale-boosting mechanics and reward systems to countdowns for executing xyz percent of...

Minority Report Ads

Augmented Reality (AR) is a Game Changer for Marketers

In one scene of the 2002 film Minority Report, set in the year 2054, Tom Cruise’s character is walking through the...

App Gamification

How Gamification Has Catapulted Duolingo, Strava, and Forest to the Top of their Respective App Categories

Achievements, XP/leveling up, leaderboards, and other “fun” mechanics from the world of gaming are enabling the very best non-gaming apps to...


2020 is Shaping Up to be a Monumental Year for 5G

5G has been hotly-anticipated for years now. While it started to arrive this year, you really had to seek out this...

5G Stats Facts Need Know

25 Interesting 5G Stats & Facts You Need to Know (Infographics)

What is 5G? How fast is 5G? In short, it’s the beginning of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. However, to answer the...

Libra Currency Pros Cons

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency – Pros & Cons

When the world was finally a lot less excited about Bitcoin, Facebook decided to stir the pot by announcing the launch...