Stats and Facts You Need To Know About NFTs

The hype around digital currencies and assets only seems to be growing, but with all this build up, many are still puzzled about "What NFTs are? What does an NFT marketplace do? How to invest or create your own NFT? For all the questions raised above and more, click below to download the ebook and find all the answers.

The Main Difference Between Fungible Tokens & Non-fungible Tokens:

In a blockchain, fungible tokens are basically identical and can be interchanged with other fungible tokens of the same type without any issues like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

Non-fungible tokens are special tokens that represent unique, collectible items stored and verified on the blockchain.

Understanding NFT: The First Step Towards Investing

A basic understanding of emerging trends like NFTs is crucial before embarking on the journey of investing. Stats and Facts You Need to Know About NFTs will help develop a basic understanding of the NFT space, its marketplaces, how to invest in or create your own NFT, and what famous celebrities are investing in.