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Doing business has been social from the jump, since the first trade routes across the Ancient World. If Social is your business, you need an intuitive, high-performance, robustly scalable product. CitrusBits has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

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Social app services that get people talking

Social Gamification

Integrate gamification elements or interactive features that engage users in fun and compelling ways.

Social Commerce

Build in unique monetization strategies or revenue-sharing models to attract creators, influencers and businesses.

Emerging Trends

We help you capitalize on emerging trends like augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain.

Event Management

Broadcast event details, connect with event goers, create shared experiences and drive revenue opportunities.

AR / VR Filters

Leverage AR/VR for fun, visual effects that users can apply to their photos, videos, or live camera feeds.

Audio, Video, and Image Editing

Advanced editing features so that users can be creative, personalize their content, and make their posts stand out.

Media Uploading & Sharing

Promoting real-time sharing and interactivity through various content types and permissions.

Privacy and Data Protections

We build platforms with a strong emphasis on user privacy, data protection, and ethical practices.

Customizable solutions to help connect the world around you

Niche community apps

Apps that target a specific niche or interest group that is underserved by existing social platforms can create a strong sense of community and engagement. If you have a fresh and innovative idea that fills a gap in the current social media landscape, creating a new platform can offer users something they can't find elsewhere.

News/debate platforms

Nowadays, social media platforms serve as conversation starters, and individuals are increasingly eager to have interactions with people outside their network. News and debate platforms promise to give people the chance to engage in real-time conversations and debates that are relevant and appealing to particular audiences.

Social influencer business apps

In order to promote customized content and increase sales, influencer apps are bridging the gap between an influencer and a business. The app manages an escrow for the payment to influencers, protecting them from fraud, and brands may post a review to assist others in determining whether this is the ideal collaboration partner.

Microblogging Apps

Sharing short messages with an online audience has become a popular method of increasing engagement. All major platforms — TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. — provide a variety of content formats, such as audio, video, photos, and text. When used effectively, microblogging encourages more engagement than a standard post.

Dating and networking apps

Dating and networking applications are gaining popularity as a result of the numerous add-on options they offer. They've added features like allowing you to pay to increase your ranking in search results, enabling special video services, and so on, all to help you discover or be discovered.

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Case studies


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Mobile App | UX UI