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Sometimes the best strategy is to simply blow your customers’ minds. And for a company eager to demonstrate its own innovation, utilizing an next-generation digital technology gets the message across like nothing else.

CitrusBits knows how to use AR, VR, and XR to generate a “wow factor” that will have your customers talking… and buying. Immerse your customers and partners in the breathtaking universe centered on your goods, your services, your brand.

It’s out of this world.

Creating end-to-end AR, VR, and XR immersive experiences

Integrated AR

Integrate digital information with the user's real-world environment in real time.

VR Experiences

Immerse in a three-dimensional, computer-generated, 3D environment.

Spacial Design

Create immersive, intuitive experiences using game-changing spacial UI, tailored for Apple Vision Pro.

Video and Imaging Processing

We use image processing techniques to place virtual objects accurately in the user’s environment.

3D Modeling

Create 3D models, animations, and visual assets that will be overlaid onto the real world.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Detect, extract, and localize text from from images or live video feeds to enhance interactions.

Facial Expression Recognition

Create emotion-driven interactions and filter overlays using expression recognition.

Superimposed AR Content

We use sophisticated computer vision and spatial mapping techniques for markerless AR.

Reasons why your business needs an AR, VR or XR application

Enhanced engagement

Transport users to new and interactive digital realms, increase shopping experiences, foster emotional connections, and provide unique immersive experiences. Using next-gen tech enhances user engagement across many domains, from entertainment and education to marketing and training.

Boost brand awareness

Done successfully, AR/VR/XR can increase brand awareness significantly. By leveraging new technologies for your business, you can increase your customer’s confidence in your product and, ultimately, your brand.

Enrich user-product interactions

Immersive reality apps help enrich user-product interactions by enhancing the overall customer experience, creating opportunities to delight your fans, and strengthening your brand’s relationship with each user.

Boost sales

Nearly 70% of shoppers revealed that they would be willing to pay more if they could experience the product through extended reality. AR enables customers to visualize and “try on” products before buying, interact with products and services, and have a more personalized shopping experience — all reducing purchase barriers and resulting in higher revenue.

Immersive training

Next-gen technologies can simulate real-world scenarios, provide hands-on practice, and enhance learning retention. With AR/VR/XR, businesses can train their employees through complex exercises in the field — such as in an operating room or when repairing industrial machinery.

Real-time analytics

AR/VR/XR helps businesses monitor system performance in real-time and improve operational efficiency by integrating real-time analytics on-site. Businesses gain valuable insights that enhance decision-making, customer experiences, operational efficiency.

Case studies

Case studies


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Mobile App | UX UI | AR