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Web development

At CitrusBits, we excel at creating modern, user-friendly web and ecommerce experiences across all industries, giving you an edge over your competition.

CitrusBits specializes in building scalable and custom sites using Agile development processes and across a wide variety of web technologies. Leveraging development best practices, we ensure your site is getting high leads and traffic. The websites, web apps, and ecommerce sites we develop are designed with ease of use and a user-centered approach.

Our team of experts are capable of handling the entire development lifecycle, from front-end to back-end, delivering cohesive and feature-rich web applications. With our comprehensive solutions, we ensure seamless integration, efficient project management, and a unified vision that drives your project’s success.

Let CitrusBits elevate your online presence and position your business for sustained growth in the digital marketplace.

We build cutting-edge, user-friendly, and secure online experiences

Frontend Development

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a great-looking product with an exceptional user experience is key to making customers fall in love.

Backend Development

We offer backend services like server implementation and configuration, database design, API development, and cloud development.


Frontend and backend (and everything in between). Our versatile team of experts is capable of handling the entire development lifecycle.

Ecommerce Platforms

Your business is our business. We provide tailored ecommerce solutions that drive revenue and customer engagement.


Content is king. Our web experts create dynamic and customizable websites on this versatile platform.


We excel in using Python for web frameworks, database integrations, APIs and more for feature-rich web apps.

SEO Services

SEO is more than keywords. We design and develop sites with SEO in mind, plus offer optimization services.

Our collaborative web process

Planning & Kickoff

Ensure our collaborative team has all the key info and assets to start

Step 01 Project Setup
Step 02 Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

Deep dive into your goals, needs, audience, market, opportunities, and requirements

Design Phase

Transform ideas into low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity visual designs

Step 03 UX Phase Wireframing
Step 04 UI Phase Visual Design & Prototype


Sprint builds are delivered to ensure progress is made, and features are aligned

Quality Testing & Validation

Continuously test and debug until the site is stable and reliable

Step 05 User Testing & Validation

Launch & Maintain

Go live; provide support for ongoing performance and change requests

Case studies

Taco ordering perfected a new Rubio’s web experience

Case studies

Taco ordering perfected: a new Rubio’s web experience

Rubio’s delicious Baja-inspired food, fresh ingredients, signature dishes, and commitment to sustainability has contributed to it being a leader in the fast-casual dining scene on the west coast. Based in San Diego and with over 150 store locations, Rubio’s is the home of the Original Fish Tacos® and has fans all across Southern California.

The Rubio’s team approached CitrusBits to develop their new website redesign. Their existing website was out of date, hosted on Drupal, which was very expensive, and had a clunky ordering process. They needed help migrating their website to WordPress, creating a custom order flow, and improving the user experience for guests —with the goals of increasing sales, Rubio’s Rewards sign ups, and store visits.

Alaska Commercial-An ecommerce platform bringing food and supplies to rural Alaskans
An ecommerce platform bringing food and supplies to rural Alaskans

An ecommerce platform bringing food and supplies to rural Alaskans

Alaska Commercial Co. operates 33 grocery and home goods stores across rural Alaska. Shopping in Alaska is unique, as customers often can’t simply drive to their local store. Customers must buy in bulk for a season and get items delivered to their remote locations via bush plane. Also, the majority of food consumed in Alaska is shipped there.

ACC asked CitrusBits to create a suite of ecommerce solutions for their customers across mobile, web, and with an admin dashboard to manage their retail business. We also needed to account for the low connectivity issues that rural Alaskan residents typically face. We also needed to ensure the platform could support payments through SNAP, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program providing monthly funds for low-income people to buy food they need to thrive.

Alaska Commercial-An ecommerce platform bringing food and supplies to rural Alaskans
An ecommerce platform bringing food and supplies to rural Alaskans

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Mobile Development

We design and build award-winning apps across all mobile platforms. Our Agile-based approach gives you control over scope, mitigates risk, and provides the fastest path to market.

AR/VR & Innovation

CitrusBits is ahead of the curve on the AR, VR, and XR frameworks, systems, platforms, and applications of tomorrow.

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