Ideation & evaluation Services

Ideation & evaluation

Have an idea for a product or software solution? CitrusBits will help you develop your vision, define the best strategy, and plan the right way forward. During ideation and evaluation, we bring together cross-functional teams to assess strategic fit, market demand, feasibility, growth potential, and customer experiences. We map out your most promising concepts for further development.

Using a human-centered design process, our Discovery Workshops use design-thinking exercises to guide you forward: researching the problem, identifying the challenges to be solved, empathizing with users, evaluating market segmentation, gathering feature requirements, mapping customer journeys, and framing out a winning product direction.

Strategizing and scoping —
from idea to proof of concept

Digital Strategy

Chart the best path forward to achieve your business goals or product vision, including best practices, potential pitfalls, and growth hacks.

Scoping & Estimations

The numbers matter. We're committed to helping you find the right solution, on the right scale, and at the right budget.

Product & Development Explorations

We analyze how your concept can be developed within the given constraints and technologies.

Design Audits

We're as meticulous about your brand as you are. We assess existing branding, designs and UX to pinpoint opportunity areas.

The Discovery Phase

Solving your business and product challenges

Discovery Phase

Solving your business and product challenges

The Discovery Phase is the initial stage of the design and development process. In collaboration with your stakeholders, our designers and product teams gather information, conduct research, and gain a deep understanding of the project’s objectives, target audience, and user needs. Discovery is a critical process that sets the foundation for the entire design process, helping to identify the problems to solve and guide the creation of effective solutions.

By the end of the Discovery Phase, our teams have a well-defined problem statement, a deep understanding of the target users, and a clear direction for the project — one that is feasible in terms of technology, timeline, and budget. This valuable information serves as a guide for the subsequent phases of the project, including concept development, prototyping, testing, and implementation.

Fueling your future growth
Citrusbits-Fueling your future growth

Fueling your future growth

The Discovery Phase significantly reduces the risk of building a product that doesn’t meet user needs or is misaligned with business objectives, and increases the chances of success in creating a functional, intuitive, user-centric product.

To achieve your business goals and create value for your stakeholders, you need to deliver. Properly scoping and estimating product concepts are fundamental for effective planning, resource management, risk mitigation, and stakeholder communication. It helps set the project on the right track from the beginning, and increases the chances of successful product development and delivery.

Our interactive, creative workshops have been adapted to fit a remote-first environment with decentralized client teams. We use creative collaborative tools to make the sessions visual, effective, and fun.

Fueling your future growth
Citrusbits-Fueling your future growth

What our trusted partners and clients say...

and clients say...

Alaska Commercial Company

“We commissioned CitrusBits to build an e-commerce mobile app, website, and admin panel to meet the unique needs of our customers in remote Alaska. They rose to the challenge and produced a modern, user-friendly e-commerce platform. The initial app launch was only the beginning of our vision for e-commerce. With each new implementation we bring up, the CitrusBits team rolls up their sleeves and gets to work. They’ve been professional, organized, innovative, and an overall joy to work with.”

Meagan Wilson

E-Commerce Manager,
Alaska Commercial Co.

Harman Client Testimonial

“The project was a great success. We have shared the app internally and received highly positive feedback. We have also used the app with a potential customer, who was impressed with the software product, potentially generating a sale. CitrusBits is impressive in many respects, but their results stand out the most. We have a great app that allows us to demonstrate our product and produce revenue.”

Douglas Schumacker

Account Manager
Harman Embedded Audio


“My experience working with CitrsuBits has been excellent. Outstanding software teams are resilient, and our developers at CitrsuBits have certainly proven to be that. Our CitrsuBits friends have become as close to team members as possible, and I am grateful for the care and excellence they have provided.”

Tom Perski

VP of Outreach,

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Product Design

Our UX/UI designers partner with you to handcraft the user experiences that resonate best with your target audience.

Software Development

CitrusBits’ world-class development teams will realize your project with speed, precision, and to the highest performance standards.

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