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Food and Beverage Industries


Pandemic lockdowns affected how consumers shop and dine, and post-pandemic, many of those temporary solutions have become a permanent part of our lives. Dining in, dining out, online/mobile ordering of meals and groceries, home delivery — the whole menu has changed.

CitrusBits has long created digital solutions for Food & Beverage businesses, serving up that ideal synthesis of front-of-house appeal and back-of-house efficiency. Now that’s delicious.

Restaurant / QSR services to get you ahead

Online Ordering & Management

Allow customers to order ahead for delivery, pickup, or dine-in — via app or web

Loyalty Programs

Welcome back and reward returning customers frequently, using targeted and personalized incentives

Payment Integration

We integrate with all major payment platforms, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and can create custom wallets

Delivery Technology

Streamline the ordering, tracking, and delivery of food, whether customized solution or via third-party

POS Integration

Robust integration experience with all major POS systems, or create a custom POS solution

Guest Engagement

Delight customers during ordering by leveraging data and personalization

Reasons why your restaurant needs integrated web/mobile apps

Increase revenue

Over 70% of customers prefer to order using a restaurant app or a website over a third-party food app. This convenience can attract a wider range of customers, improve engagement, and increase conversions.

Increase brand experience

Having integrated web and mobile apps keeps your brand experience consistent and positions your brand as tech-savvy and customer-focused

Marketing done right

Encourage users to share their dining experiences on social media platforms directly from your app, providing free and effective word-of-mouth marketing

Data analytics and insights

Integrated web/mobile apps can collect valuable data about customer behavior, preferences, and trends — which can be used to make decisions about menu updates, marketing strategies, and operational improvement.

All-in-one platform

Make it easy for customers to access menus, order, book reservations, operational hours, delivery options, etc., all in a tap.

Increase loyalty and satisfaction

Integrated apps enable you to collect customer data and preferences, allowing you to offer personalized recommendations, discounts, and promotions.

Case studies

Case studies

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