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CitrusBits is the leading healthcare and telehealth app developer in the US.

Gamification in telehealth apps

Gamification in Telehealth Apps: How Does it Help Engage & Retain Users?

“The global healthcare gamification market size is expected to top US 40 billion by 2024. (Source: Global Market Insights, Inc.)”  The...

The Comprehensive Checklist to Create a Telehealth App

The Growing Case for Telehealth

As winter approaches and COVID-19 cases continue to mount, there’s a stark reality coming into view: traditional healthcare is going to...

25 Insightful Telehealth Stats, Facts, & Trends You Should Know

According to a Frost & Sullivan forecast, the telehealth market is poised for a ‘tsunami of growth’! And the upward shift...

Secure Telehealth 101: Is Your App HIPAA Compliant?

Is your telehealth app HIPAA compliant?  Because, these days 92% of healthcare providers use non-HIPAA compliant messaging applications, revealed a study. ...

Telehealth Apps You didnt know you need

Top Ten Telehealth Apps People are Using Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

How the tides have turned.  Many would agree that perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is all the nudge telehealth needed for an...

social distancing

“Social Distancing” and the Apps that are Helping Us Cope

With the terms “social distancing” and “social isolation” trending given the spread of COVID-19 here in the U.S. and throughout the...


A (Telehealth) App a Day Just Might Keep the Doctor Away

Why Insurance Carriers, Silicon Valley, and Society at Large are Gung Ho about Telehealth Apps and Health-Monitoring Wearables. Update, 3/13/20: With...


How is Wearable Technology Turning Tables in Healthcare?

How often have you witnessed your grandpa or a random elderly in a park checking his wrist device for heart rate...


Are Healthcare Apps Sharing your Data Without You Knowing?

The data you share with health apps or apps in general is supposedly under lock and key, but how certain are...

War of the Apps

How to Win the Enterprise “War of the Apps” – Even if Your Existing Mobile Apps Stink

Let’s say you’re a product manager or business leader at a Fortune 500 or enterprise business. You’re accustomed to exceptional business...

Apple Watch EKG

What the Apple Watch’s New EKG Feature Means for the Future of Consumer Wearables and Medicine

When Apple announced this September that its newest Series 4 Apple Watch includes EKG functionality, I imagined millions of hearts worldwide...