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Saqib Tahir

Product Owner

As a Product Owner at CitrusBits, Saqib is at the forefront of getting products developed that provide unmatched value to versatile clients. With extensive experience in the IT and SaaS industry, Saqib is able to understand technical problems quickly which often leads to an efficient and effective solution. Saqib is also open to working with flexibility in his mind due to his love for learning new skills and experiencing challenging problems. Prior to joining CitrusBits, Saqib quickly rose to the role of Product Owner by constantly improving in his role to make the right switches at the right time; striking opportunities is a skill that can be done right as per him. At CitrusBits Saqib looks to provide the best experience any client can have with developing their product and help them unlock their full potential as a Tech Brand.

Saqib holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is an Apple Certified Technician with experience in Tech Support, Project Management, and Operations Management.

Fun Fact: Saqib has a favorite question he likes to ask people in order to understand their techi-ness ‘Do you prefer iOS or Android?’