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Apples and oranges.

Each of our in-house futurists, digital strategists, UI/UX designers, and mobile app developers comes from drastically different worlds. Pragmatists and idealists; right brains and left brains; minimalists and kitchen sink throwers – we’ve got them all.

Yet those who choose to work with us quickly see that our diversity is not just an oddity; it’s our strength.

That’s because our diversity cultivates freshness – freshness in ideas, approach, and ultimately, our clients’ products. Freshness, that when combined with world-class technical expertise and a steadfast commitment to customer success, has produced more than 300 thoughtfully-grown apps adored by customers and end users alike.

CEO of Mobile App Developers

Harry Lee


As CEO of CitrusBits, Harry drives strategy and execution for CitrusBits and its clients. Harry sees every client project as an opportunity not just to deliver a great app… READ MORE

Head of Engineering mobile app developers

Malik Ghulam Mustafa

Development & PM Manager

As Development & PM Manager, Mustafa is responsible for ensuring that CitrusBits’ engineering teams exemplify superior performance, excellent collaboration with clients and… READ MORE

VP of Growth & Strategy Mobile App Developers

James Hsu

VP of Growth & Strategy

James is a data-driven and strategy-focused business leader who directs all marketing activities for CitrusBits. James believes that the best marketing plans begin with… READ MORE

Lead Product Owner of Mobile App Developers

Breann Johnson

Lead Product Owner

As Product Owner at CitrusBits, Breann works closely with clients and the CitrusBits dev team to ensure alignment with client requirements and expectations. READ MORE

Kevin Soon

Kevin Soon

Design Manager

As Design Manager at CitrusBits, Kevin oversees the product design process, leads a team of passionate UI/UX designers, and collaborates with clients to fulfill their vision. READ MORE

Aimee Lin

Aimee Lin

UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX Designer at CitrusBits, Aimee works closely with startup and enterprise clients to build user-centered digital experiences that meet business goals and end user needs. READ MORE

AR/VR Product Manager Mobile app Developers

Doug Liang

AR/VR Product Manager

As AR/VR Manager for CitrusBits, Doug serves as product manager for all augmented reality and virtual reality projects. Doug has a degree in Industrial Design from Purdue University.


Tayyab Mahmood

Engineering Manager

As Engineering Manager at CitrusBits, Tayyab believes himself to be a rewarding amalgam of a technical leader, a project manager, and an amateur psychologist. He has 10+ years of experience leading… READ MORE

Mobile App Developers

Malik Usman

Sr. QA Architect

As Sr. QA Architect for CitrusBits, Usman ensures that client deliverables meet CitrusBits’ standards of excellence across all phases of the product life cycle. READ MORE

Sr. React Native Engineer Mobile app Developers

Erik Smith

Sr. React Native Engineer

As Sr. React Native Developer for CitrusBits, Erik helps provide clients with exceptional React Native strategy and development capabilities for their mobile projects.

At CitrusBits, we’ve built critical mobile apps for well-known clients including Burger King, Quiksilver, Symantec, and Sotheby’s. Yet, we’re just as proud to have helped smaller customers like IrisVision, Leefco, and Jobflare move and shake their way into the upper echelons of their respective industries. (See our portfolio)

CitrusBits is firmly planted at the intersection of user-focused design, mobile app development, digital strategy, and emerging technologies. We’re passionate about leveraging mobile technology – including iOS, Android, augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and The Internet of Things (IoT) – to help businesses disrupt entire industries and reach their loftiest goals.

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The CitrusBits Difference

Some of our clients explain what set us apart from the competition when it came to choosing who would develop their apps.


“They are really customer oriented and have proven they have a wealth of expertise in the industry. We are very pleased with the delivered application…”

We built the UCLA appKaren Noh - Special Projects Director, ASUCLA

“Citrusbits is impressive in many respects, but their results stand out the most. We have a great app that allows us to demonstrate our product and produce revenue. Working with CitrusBits was almost effortless.”

Douglas Schumacker - Marketing Leader, Harman Embedded Audio

“We’re most impressed by CitrusBits’ commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our end users. Few partners approach a project as if the product they’re building will be used by people they personally know and care about, but we found this to be the case with CitrusBits.”

Tom Perski - VP of Outreach, IrisVision

“CitrusBits was the tech backbone behind our #TAKEMEANYWHERE project, building a custom app that seamlessly tracked our journey across the continent, elegantly mapping our every move online. Their expertise enabled us to fully realise the project’s aim of hitchhiking the internet, affirming our faith in people and the networks.”

vice-app-develop-by-citrusbits-clientLuke Turner - LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner

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