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Tips On How to make your laptop boot faster

Whether you have a MacBook or Windows 10 laptop, we can help you cut down its startup time. If your laptop takes its sweet time booting up, then here are some things you can do to put a little pep back in its startup step.

INTERESTING – How to download your entire Google search history

Google recently added another option to its Takeout service that lets you export data from your Google account, and the latest addition is one of the most important: Your Google search history. Next to email, there's nothing in your Google account that's more revealing than your search history. Your personal collection of keywords can reveal the status of your personal relationship, the last time you were sick, if you're looking for a career change, and where you're planning to go on vacation.

Where you at? 5 location tricks for iPhone and iPad

Share your location to a friend, let loved ones know when you're on the move, get a reminder when you arrive at a specific place, Geo tag Calendar events, and more.

5 Critical Mistakes New Mobile Marketers Make

Even industry experts agree that mobile marketing is the next big thing for businesses of all sizes. If you’re not taking the time to develop a marketing strategy specifically for your mobile audience, you’re going to miss an important opportunity to engage a large portion of them.

iPhone 7 – Release Date, Features, Design and Specs

With the March 21 introduction of the 4-inch iPhone SE now in the rear-view mirror, it's time to turn our speculative focus to the forthcoming iPhone 7, expected to materialize sometime later this year. To be clear: we have no hard info. But between assumptions and expectations, we can paint a fairly good portrait of the most intriguing gossip about Apple's next big thing.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

If you are wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook business page, you are not alone. With over 1.440 billion monthly active users, the social network is attractive to businesses across the globe. While some businesses just have a Facebook page for the sake of having one, you can learn how to get the most out of your Facebook business page by applying best practices.

Facebook adds new suicide prevention tool in the UK

Facebook is rolling out a new feature across the UK to help users who feel suicidal. The Suicide Prevention tool has been developed in connection with the Samaritans. It aims to try and provide advice and support for those struggling to cope, as well as for their friends and family. People can now report posts they are worried about in a more direct way.

Livestream your gunshot wound? It may save your life

When rushing to the scene of a medical trauma, emergency caregivers rarely know exactly what awaits them. But the same capability on your phone that lets you video chat with grandma or live stream a concert could give first responders a better sense of the trouble ahead.

A Sneak Peek of Social Live Streaming

Social live streaming has become a buzz phrase these days. The advent of social media has gotten a huge turn during 2015 when mobile technology has showed interesting facts and figures about the adaptability of smartphones by the user base across the globe.

Why your Facebook News Feed is filled with Friends Day videos

Facebook has declared its 12th birthday "Friends Day." It's a good excuse to look at old photos. When you sign in to Facebook this morning, you’ll be greeted by a strange message: “Happy Friends Day!” If you’re wondering what Friends Day is, don’t worry—you haven’t missed out on celebrating this important holiday for your entire life. It’s a social media holiday that Facebook just invented to celebrate its 12th birthday.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on February 21 With New Features

Samsung will return to Mobile World Congress this year to show off its latest pair of flagship smartphones. Samsung has announced we’ll get our first official look at the Galaxy S7 at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 21.

Apple May Switch Up iPhone Charging with Wireless Tech

As soon as next year, you reportedly might be able to charge an iPhone while it's still in your bag or in your hands. iPhone chargers, be gone. We'd love to ditch you, and it looks like Apple might too. The Cupertino, California-based company is developing new wireless charging tech for iPhones that could be ready as soon as 2017, Bloomberg reported Friday, citing unnamed sources familiar with Apple's plans.