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Attract App users to your App

Attract Users to Your App and Go Platinum

If you are a struggling artist or developer working on the next great mobile app, you need a strategy for drawing in users.


Is Virtual Reality a Solution for Patients

Virtual Reality a Solution for Visual Impairment – [3 Reasons Why It Can Help] According to Wikipedia, “the visual impairment is...


How to Build an MVP for your Startup

The MVP is a minimum viable product that a company creates having a limited number of features in order to push...

social-media-connection- with-virtual-eality

How Social Media and Virtual Reality Would Get Along in the Future

Social Media Connection with Virtual Reality It’s a hot debate. Isn’t it? Virtual Reality itself mesmerized a lot of folks around...


5 Best Tools to Use On Your Mobile Device in 2017

There are loads of new tools out there to use on mobile devices, but in this blog post, we are going to specify 5 best tools that you can use on your mobile device. In case, you haven't done before or you never knew they exist on mobile then it's time to try them out.

How to Make Money with Mobile Apps

Ever wonder how mobile apps make money? The money making might not be the most discussed things in mobile apps debate but down the road money does come after all. In fact, no one in the mobile technology arena would disagree that money is the important part of the game.


7 Habits of a Self-Made Millennial Millionaire

Changing your life starts with the small, consistent changes you make day to day. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, creators, and innovators have been defined by their routines and habits. There are many people who say that the way you start the day is what defines your success.

15 Daily Habits That Will Help You Get a Raise

As the cost of living rises, your current salary will seem to shrink, especially if you’re forced to go several years without a bump in pay. Businesses can go through economic slumps and if that’s the reason for your salary stagnation, it’s up to you whether you choose to wait it out.

7 Easy Ways to Save Your Eyes From Smartphone Strain

Your smartphone is a sight for sore eyes. Literally. If you’re one of those people who glances at their smartphone 150 times a day, chances are your eyes are paying the price for your screen addiction.


15 Ways to Get a Top Google Ranking for Your Small Business

There is a correlation between longer content (2000+ words) and high rankings. Think about topics that are particularly relevant to your target audience, then create in-depth blog posts that cover every angle of that subject.

How to send all calls from specific contacts to voicemail

If there's a certain someone you'd rather not talk to, you can automatically direct their calls to your voicemail inbox. There’s bound to be that certain someone that you’d just rather not talk to. But blocking their call may not be the best option, as it could be a co-worker or family member that you’ll want to speak to eventually.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Price – Specifications – Features – Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - The Next Big Thing of 2016! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Note6 had already indicated the first ideas of the new design language. With same design pattern Samsung Galaxy hot 7 with a completely matched design will be launched in the market.