Another conspiracy theory adds to the expanding list of conspiracy theories. 

This time around, the accusing finger of the active social media conspirators is towards 5G for having caused the pandemic that has already hit more than 1.5 million people and killed more than 90,000.

As if the flat-earthers’ claiming the earth is flat like a disk wasn’t silly enough (no rest for the conspirators). 

There are various variations circulating the internet concerning the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s get a good laugh out of those before we bring in the scientific rationale.

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Fancy a good laugh amid a crisis?

It came from space. This bizarre claim was made by an astrobiologist, Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, who allegedly claimed that the virus was released by a meteor that exploded over China in October and now the winds, turbulent and raging, are spreading the disease across the hardest-hit countries.

I’m all ears, however, I think if aliens are real and they are watching us from afar, they are probably just getting a good laugh out of our bizarre conspiracies. On the contrary, if this is the case, we should embrace ourselves and expect an alien invasion pretty soon. Fingers crossed!

Another popular theory says that young Greta Thunberg – the environmentalist/activist – is the real reason behind the Covid-19 pandemic. She caused it to save the planet.

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Clearly, the young activist has the motive. I mean we can’t overlook the silver lining here: the planet is healing. It makes you wonder if climate change is messing around with our abilities to rationalize?

Now, here’s my favorite one – the one this piece is all about – it is the radiation from 5G that is what’s actually causing COVID-19 symptoms.

It has another variation: radiation from 5G is weakening our immune systems and to the point where we are easily being infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

So the claim is that the advent of 5G is what has allowed this virus to spread as it has.

Rise and slow-clap everyone!

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Could covid19 possibly be a coverup story for 5G?

While accepting it as a global phenomenon would be an easy-said thing and perhaps expedient, in the long haul, referring to COVID-19 as the “health risks” of 5G, would add to the fear of 5G’s implementation and may create hurdles.

Besides, if it were to be true, it would mean that all those patients, doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, scientists, public health officials, school officials, journalists, policymakers, businesses, and numerous others (countries after countries) are in on this practical joke – working together on this massive scam.

Which is next to impossible.

Seeing people taking on this fallacious connection between the infection and the trending technology, I have composed a list of reasons as to why 5G couldn’t possibly be the cause of Covid-19.

So, can 5G really weaken our immune systems?

There is literally no clinical evidence!

The answer is straight-up ‘no’. The first thing is first, there is no clinical evidence that 5G can damage our immune system or weaken it.

5G cannot weaken the human immune system against COVID-19, because, for starters, coronavirus infection is novel, therefore, our immune system doesn’t respond to it. Our immune systems don’t have the antibodies for this virus and that is what makes it so dangerous.

As for viruses in general, they invade and reproduce human or animal cells, that is what causes an infection. Viruses do not have the potential to exist outside the living creatures for long, therefore, they find their way in usually through droplets from coughs or sneezes.

If that doesn’t satiate your thirst for authentic evidence, this might. The coronavirus genome sequence suggests that this virus sprung up from animals to human beings and then transmitted further from person to person. Hence, 5G isn’t the real culprit here, a bit of ignorance, however, might be at play.

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Misconceptions surrounding radiation

Secondly, the virus is spreading across countries that do not yet have access to 5G and as far as the frequencies from 5G are concerned, they can’t affect your body in any way. What’s more, COVID-19 is the result of a highly contagious virus which in no way relates to electromagnetic radiation.

Fear of 5G stems from our basic misperception of radiation. You see, electromagnetic waves discharge electromagnetic radiation, which at a high frequency could put you at a risk of cancer. However, 5G and other mobile telephone systems have low-frequency radio waves fitting somewhere at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. They actually carry very little energy. Typically, even in comparison with the visible light, we use to see things around us.

Let us go back to your high school science class for a short time – radio waves that serve as the basis of 5G do not ionize. In essence, this means they don’t have the required energy to remove electrons from atoms, unlike the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation such as the gamma rays or the X-rays which have the energy required to ionize atoms and therefore, cause damage to the cells.

This is why it’s important to carry out a bit of research before sharing an absurd piece of information. Awaken your inner Sherlock!

The World Health Organization is involved. Period.

Although 5G frequencies are higher than 4G and other previous networks, they are still well below the limits specified by international standards.

According to the World Health Organisation’s detailed guide on the mobile networks, wireless technologies generate no adverse health effects as is causally being linked with 5G and exposure to 5G frequencies, even after having gone through significant amounts of ‘research’.

It further says that many studies have been carried out on the frequencies used by 5G, but all of them point out that the overall exposure remains well within the standards set by international guidelines, and no public health ramifications are expected.

So, 5G is basically safe.

See, no skeletons in this closet?

In the end, all I want to conclude is the fact that two events are coincidentally correlated per se, does not mean that they are causally linked too, and share a connection of some sort. Solid scientific evidence has to provide a causal link between the two incidents taking place at the same time.

Otherwise, going about making statements like 5G caused Covid 19 is like saying Britney Spears caused SARS in 2003 with the release of ‘In the zone’. I mean the album clearly has a track called ‘Toxic’. It’s far from fair. You just don’t wake up one day and come up with baseless theories without scientific support or evidence. Especially when it adds to the fire and causes serious physical damage like the arson attacks on cellphone towers in the United Kingdom.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it has become abundantly evident that theories of conspiracy and misinformation are spreading just as fast across the public, with disease vectors being none other than ‘social media’. Therefore, it is important that we educate ourselves and extinguish the fire instead of adding fuel to it. Staying indoors to stay safe, and staying informed to avoid misconception is the best help we can offer amid this crisis.