Some people think activation takes so much time of yours that they start feeling annoyed and start thinking it is not an easy step to pass this bridge. Most of the office products need activation so you can enjoy their services, for activating office 365 suite you also have to pass this hurdle of “activation”sometimes. Most probably in most of the cases, Office 365 activates automatically. But in any situation, if you don’t get this activation, don’t worry!

Instead of hanging around just take a look into this article it will surely help you. I am providing you an easy guide of activating Office 365.

Firstly, when you go for activating office 365 you might see multiple interfaces which I am mentioning below one by one for your convenience.

Getting start with Sign in to set up Office

When seeing this interface, you have those options as shown in the above image. If you are already done with subscription stuff of Office 365, simply Sign in. plus and in any situation you had bought Office 2016 as a one-time purchase as well as you had already redeemed your purchase then just simply go with” sign in” option office will automatically detect your purchase .in any other scenario if you just bought office via your employer’s Microsoft HUP benefit than just go with the option ” I don’t want to sign in or create an account.” so after going through this step you have to enter “Microsoft HUP product key.” Plus, agree with the License terms by selecting “Accept and start Word.” to activate your office.

Interface Showing Try, Activate Plus Buy


When you are done with installation of office 365 as home trial version. you have multiple options like you can have office as a trial part of office 365 home for one month. Moreover, by going with “Buy” option you can buy office from the Microsoft store furthermore you can add Office to an existing Office 365 subscription. Besides this you can also activate your office 365 by following “Activate” option and adding product key from a product key card. Also, having an older copy of office will make an easy way too by installing it.

When office is already with the PC – Office is installed as a 1-year subscription or else one-time purchase. A digital key for your office is sent out to your PC. So you don’t need printed product key. Simply select the “activate” option for further proceeding and associating your purchase or offer with a Microsoft account to activate office.

Interface with “Hi. Let’s get your Office”


For installing new copy of office follow this link .here you can create new account as well as sign in to your Microsoft account as clearly seen in above picture. Secondly, you can enter your product key here by clicking on “enter your product key” or you can renew your subscription of office 365.

Microsoft Activation Wizard

This wizard interface will only appear when Office needs your help to activate. Otherwise if you install Office 365 by yourself, Office will activate automatically, activation wizard will ask you about activation of your software like it will give you options to choose like I want to activate the software over the internet which is mostly recommended and other is: I want to activate the software by telephone. And for further processing you can follow the “next” button or you can go with “cancel” button too in order to cancel this choice.

Activate Your Office


This is as simple as you can imagine whenever you are prompted with this screen just enter your email associated with office subscription and click the “next” button. Office 365 will activate automatically. You will merely see this screen in case Office needs your Microsoft account for activation. Also provide you with “enter a product key instead” option too.

This screen lets you to enter 25 characters’ product key also with the options “see product key examples” and “sign in with an active account instead” If Office is asking you for a product key to activate Office, mostly you can go with enter your Microsoft account instead. Simply just select Sign in with an active account instead option and then enter the account.

Limit Reached


After you are done installing Office on your PC, you might see the message ‘Install limit reached’. When you subscribe to Office 365, you get a limited number of active installs, in a single instance. In order to proceed with this installation, you will have to uninstall or deactivate another Office on some other PC.

Unlicensed Product Errors

If your office becomes unlicensed, all the editing features will be disabled and you will not be able to use them. There are various number of reasons your Office might become unlicensed, like if your Office 365 subscription expires, this will result in the revoking the licensing of your Office. To work around this, you will need to renew your Office 365 subscription. Once you do that, all Office features will restore automatically.

In any case, if your version of Office came pre-installed on your new PC, you will need to start an Office 365 Home trial or buy Office altogether, if you wish to continue using it.