Google’s Material Theming: A New Design Tool on the move

In Google’s latest I/O conference, they revealed a lot of new changes to their Material Design language ecosystem, one of them being – Introducing Material Theming. It is a tool to be used as a plug-in with their famous prototyping tool Sketch. According to Google, Material Theming will make things easier for everyone in applying their choice of colors, typefaces, different shapes, and various other branding elements that are required for a perfectly balanced interface. FastcoDesign

The latest Adobe XD updates

This month updates from the Adobe XD universe include a plethora of new features and updates.

They introduced a new starter plan, which is free and available for both Windows and Mac. Released new UI resources made with Adobe XD by some of their top designers. TheBlog.Adobe

  • Introduced Swappable symbols.
  • Allow posts on multi art boards.
  • Introduced Sketch integration improvements.
  • New Password-protected Design Specs.
  • And some Photoshop integration improvements.

Adobe securing a creative Future through their Design Fund campaign

Adobe is launching a Design fund amounting $10 million to support and promote creativity and design among teams aspiring to build products and services that would prove beneficial to the design community in any way. TheBlog.Adobe

UXPin talks about their 7th Changelog for May

They shared the release of a new Desktop app, changes to the UXPin Editor and another version of the Sketch Plug-in along with issues addressed in the design systems regarding hex values. UXPin

First look at the InVision studio platform

Abduzeedo shares their experience of getting the first look at the new InVision Studio Platform and it was amazing.

InVision comes armed with a powerful Assets library, top-notch features and great integration choices. Abduzeedo

Google News gets a new design

Google news gets a completely new design with an AI power punch. You will now get a combination of elements from Google’s digital magazine app, Newsstand, as well as YouTube, and new features like “newscasts” and “full coverage”. According to Google, this will help people get a summary or a more holistic view of a all the news they wish to look at story. Techcrunch

Elementor introduces single archive builder to their design armor

Elementor is a tool used to design blogs and now with the introduction of the single archive builder, designers can work completely ‘code free’. It gives you the opportunity to visually design your blogs, from the smallest changes to designing the whole blog, without needing to write any code. Elementor

7 typography trends highlighted in May

Among others typography trends, paying attention to monospaces, scattering text but sensibly, using vertical and horizontal axes for text placement and adding attention to detail by highlighting text are on top. WebFlow

UX design award nominees announced

Congratulations are in order for the nominees of the UX design awards.  The jury nominated a total of 50 products and solutions this year. The exhibition is expected to publish before IFA. UX-Design-Awards

Voice user interface design

Customer think shared a detailed insight into what Voice user interface design is, the important principles , challenges and opportunities arising when dealing with VUI design. CustomerThink

Xaiomi MIUI design screenshots leak

Xiomi’s MIUI 10 was to offer up a new design when its user interface leaked. MIUI is a new Android skin which they were hoping to launch on May 31 but some screen shots got leaked revealing the design early on. AndroidHeadlines

Dribble announces to use InVision for their projects

Great news for all the dribblers out there! You get to use dribble with InVision and build even more powerful products. As of now, dribble is one of the first platforms to partner with InVision Studio. Dribbble

7 essentials for the daily web designer by creative bloq

When design gurus recommend something, I say take heed and keep your eyes peeled.  Following is a list of different tools handpicked by creative bloq for web designers.

Duotone – Lets you add quick two tones to images.

GatsbyJs –  A quick site generator tool that is exceptional handy if you wish to create Progeressive web apps.

Css Gradient – Get easy and perfect codes for customized gradients to add to your designs.

Pigment – Create color combination by pigment and lighting effects and generate Hex codes that you can use in your stylesheets.

Logomaster – Who dosen’t need help with their Logo? It dosen’t replace a professional logo artist but is perfect for a quick logo job. Type in your company name and hit try for some quick suggestions. Good for getting an idea started.

Dragon Drop –  It’s just what the name suggests: You get to drag and drop your lists around. If you have been in a pickle of changing the list order, you would love this tool. Sounds bland but actually very handy.

Checkbot – A little far from what an average web designer would use, but if you like to keep everything in check specially not having broken links, duplicate titles, redirect chains and even invalid HTML/JS/CSS , then do give this one a try. CreativeBloq

UXcollective shares their Usability case study for Apple news app

UX collective shares their case study of how they changed the Apple news app to bring a better news reading experience to the app users. A great insightful share for young and experienced UX developers aspiring to grow and better themselves. UX Design

Two new ways for getting responsive table by using CSS

The web design and development expert, Michailia Verou, shares some important techniques to create responsive tables via CSS.

The key-value display, being her choice of technique. Lea.Verou

Design Systems

Alla Kholmatova finished writing a comprehensive book “Design Systems”. If you find yourself struggling with designing a robust design system that produces a flawless  digital product,  Drown in this book. Available as a Hardcover and an eBook, you choose. SmashingMagazine

Illustrations is celebrating the hilarious moments in the previous world cup

20 illustrators are gathering up to celebrate previous World cup moments by designing out of the box and hilarious illustrations, which would then be sold to generate charity for FBB. (Football Beyond Borders). DesignWeek

One person empowers feminism through design

Deva Pardue, a former pentagram designer, is heading a design team at the women-only club ‘The Wing’. She is boldly promoting her philosophy of how feminism can do and look good at the same time and equally contribute to the design community. DesignWeek

Luke wroblewski shares what various speakers think of the Google Conversion rate optimization

Good design plays an important part in generating good leads. Among other important factors, these experts view usability testing and  applying unique designs ONLY after following best design practices as part of those techniques that improve and help in an optimized conversion rate. Lukew

Airbnb launches a new typeface to be more accessible

Airbnb, the famous rental brand, launched a new typeface to increase readability across their website, app and various print materials. The typeface is called ‘Airbnb Cereal’. It is a san-serif based typeface available in six weights namely, light, book, medium, bold, extra bold and black. DesignWeek