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Fresh takes on mobile app trends, emerging tech, UI/UX design, and mobile app development.

Custom designed Facebook page for your business

I have implemented a few corporate Facebook Pages now and the answer is; it depends. Yeah I know, that dreaded non-answer....

How to increase customers on your website

The site is up and running. All of the vital information has been uploaded. Where are my visitors? Good Web Design...

What is Social Media

What is Social Media

Social Media is information that is disseminated via online social interaction. It’s about sharing information, it is enormous and growing fast....

Internet Marketing services

Internet Marketing

Do you know most of the new business generated now a days comes through Internet? Are you getting new business leads...

BLink Code reader iphone app

Top QR Code reader App Developed by Citrusbits

Citrusbits releases a new QR Code reader iPhone App. Blink App is a mobile application that allows you to scan a...

Report shows in-app purchases to be most lucrative

Have you noticed the rise in applications making use of in app purchases? A new report from VentureBeat Intel shows these...

Mobile app use jumps by 115% in 2013

By the end of last year, Apple’s App Store had brought in $10 billion, 3 billion iOS apps had been downloaded...

How Swift will affect developers community

How will Swift affect the iOS developer community?

If you haven’t heard, Apple unveiled a brand new programming language exclusively for Apple developers this week at WWDC. The new...

Compare ios with android

Compare Apple iOS with Android

I’ve never been considered an Apple “fanboy” but I was a big iPhone fan up until last year when I converted....

Mobile App for Online store

Got An Online Store? You’re Gonna Need An App For That

If you run an online shopping/ecommerce business of some kind, you’re gonna want to get your mobile act together, STAT. A new survey shows that in 2012, holiday shoppers will be taking to their phones more than ever.

Mobile Advertising

The Mobile Advertising Divide: Apps vs. The Browser

Media planners just love putting apps in their mobile ad buying plans. But are apps the right focus when it comes to mobile advertising?

iPhone App Developer Belmont

iPhone App Designers and Developer in Belmont, CA

Citrusbits is driven by passion, excellence, persistence, and focus. We pride ourselves in being a company that codes differently. We don’t believe...