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By: Aiza Chaudhry

Mobile App UI/UX Design

10 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends to Help You Design Better Apps

Just how important is the UI/UX design of an app? Renowned designer Frank Chimero’s quote answers this question beautifully.  ‘People ignore...

Choosing the Best Tech Stack for Native App Development

Designing a mobile app is anything but easy. Outlining your thought process, planning it out, and building an effective approach that...

e-learning apps

Top 8 E-learning Apps for Self-study

Just as telehealth, food and restaurant, and delivery apps experienced a meteoric rise in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, so did...

25 Insightful Telehealth Stats, Facts, & Trends You Should Know

According to a Frost & Sullivan forecast, the telehealth market is poised for a ‘tsunami of growth’! And the upward shift...

Secure Telehealth 101: Is Your App HIPAA Compliant?

Is your telehealth app HIPAA compliant?  Because, these days 92% of healthcare providers use non-HIPAA compliant messaging applications, revealed a study. ...

Facebook gaming app

Facebook Debuts its Gaming App (First on Google Play)

Seeing a silver lining amid social distancing and a lockdown owing to coronavirus, Facebook fast-tracked the debut of its gaming...

Myth Debunked 5G Possibly Caused Covid-19

Myth Debunked: Is 5G causing coronavirus?

Another conspiracy theory adds to the expanding list of conspiracy theories.  This time around, the accusing finger of the active social...

5 Ways Technology is Playing Hero Amid Covid 19

5 Ways Technology is Playing Hero Amid COVID-19

Not all heroes wear capes or fly. Some are artificially intelligent machines that predict and help determine a vaccine for viruses....

Telehealth Apps You didnt know you need

Top Ten Telehealth Apps People are Using Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

How the tides have turned.  Many would agree that perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is all the nudge telehealth needed for an...

25 Insightful Gamification Stats, Facts, & Trends for 2020

25 Insightful Gamification Stats, Facts, & Trends for 2020

While some of you may banish gamification as ‘just a fad’, neuroscientists haven’t. In fact, they are more focused on exploring...

Gamification 101

App Gamification 101: What is Gamification and How Can It Help?

There are many ways you can gamify applications, from morale-boosting mechanics and reward systems to countdowns for executing xyz percent of...


2020 is Shaping Up to be a Monumental Year for 5G

5G has been hotly-anticipated for years now. While it started to arrive this year, you really had to seek out this...