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By: Aiza Chaudhry


5 Features Foodies Want to Have in a Quick-service Restaurant (QSR) App

69% of people order their food online using their smartphone, reveals an IAB & Viggle study “Mealtime Goes Mobile”. Here’s what...

TikTok App

The Curious Case of the TikTok App: The Good & the Ban

TikTok – the app that started out as Musical.ly in the US and went through a (kafka-like) metamorphosis overnight only to...

Unity MARS

Unity MARS: Challenges it Solves for Augmented Reality Developers

Remember when augmented reality used to be all about overlapping content in the real world? Well, that is ancient history today...

Gamification in telehealth apps

Gamification in Telehealth Apps: How Does it Help Engage & Retain Users?

“The global healthcare gamification market size is expected to top US 40 billion by 2024. (Source: Global Market Insights, Inc.)”  The...

Virtual Reality Stats, Facts, & Trends

40 Latest Virtual Reality (VR) Stats and Facts for 2020 Ahead

Virtual reality doesn’t quite need an introduction. Not today.  While VR can be bragged as a miracle, this miracle is inaccessible...

Quick service restaurants meal delivery

Why Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) Need Food Ordering Apps & Delivery Services to Grow Business

The world is slowly returning to the pre-pandemic color and bustle. Restaurants – dine-ins, QSRs etc. – and bars, and other...

5 Dos and Donts of Push Notifications

5 Dos & Don’ts of Push Notifications

Has a push notification ever irked you into uninstalling an app?  If so, welcome to the club. While push notifications work...

Mobile App Development

5 Tips to Get Investors to Fund Your Mobile App’s Development

It all begins on a random day. You are on your way to work when a brilliant app idea strikes you....

Augmented Reality AR

Augmented Reality for Business: To Invest or Not to Invest?

Augmented reality is hot in the mobile app development space right now. Well, it has been for quite some time now....

Mobile App UI/UX Design

10 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends to Help You Design Better Apps

Just how important is the UI/UX design of an app? Renowned designer Frank Chimero’s quote answers this question beautifully.  ‘People ignore...

Choosing the Best Tech Stack for Native App Development

Designing a mobile app is anything but easy. Outlining your thought process, planning it out, and building an effective approach that...

e-learning apps

Top 8 E-learning Apps for Self-study

Just as telehealth, food and restaurant, and delivery apps experienced a meteoric rise in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, so did...