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By: Jim Sanders

20 great new features in Android 7.0 Nougat

The latest changes to Google's ubiquitous mobile operating system Android 7.0 Nougat is loaded with new features and refinements, each one improving upon the overall


How to Get Funding for Your Mobile App Startup

Raising $1 million for your mobile app startup is child's play -- assuming you've proven that customers want your product.


5 Essentials to Becoming a Millionaire Before You are 30

There are so many people today who think that their twenties are a time where they must struggle financially. However, this doesn’t have to be true. There are in fact ways to become a millionaire before you hit 30.


5 Proven Ways to Turn Failure into Success

As entrepreneurs, we put far more than our money and reputations on the line when we start a new business. We put a big chunk of our hearts and souls at risk, too.

App of The Day – Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller

Going on Holiday, Don't let mosquitoes ruin it! Featured in NBC, FOX5, BBC, CNET, Vougue, WFLA News, Prosieben.


15 Ways to Get a Top Google Ranking for Your Small Business

There is a correlation between longer content (2000+ words) and high rankings. Think about topics that are particularly relevant to your target audience, then create in-depth blog posts that cover every angle of that subject.

How to send all calls from specific contacts to voicemail

If there's a certain someone you'd rather not talk to, you can automatically direct their calls to your voicemail inbox. There’s bound to be that certain someone that you’d just rather not talk to. But blocking their call may not be the best option, as it could be a co-worker or family member that you’ll want to speak to eventually.


How to find your Windows 10 or Office 365 product key

Most pieces of commercial software come with some form of protection to deter unauthorized copying and installation. Although software makers use different methods to achieve this goal, one common approach involves asking the user to type in a product key or serial number, which is the case for both Microsoft Windows and Office.

How To Speed Up Your PC By Cleaning Windows Registery

The Windows registry is a repository for a massive collection of details about your computer—where programs are stored, which helper programs (known as DLLs) are shared among your various applications, listings of all your Start menu shortcuts, and pointers to the programs that fire up when you click on an icon.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Price – Specifications – Features – Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - The Next Big Thing of 2016! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Note6 had already indicated the first ideas of the new design language. With same design pattern Samsung Galaxy hot 7 with a completely matched design will be launched in the market.

Pokemon Go now runs on Android smartphones with Intel processors

Pokemon Go is working on x86 smartphones with Android 4.4 to 6.0 It took a while, but the hot Pokemon Go mobile game is now working on smartphones with Intel chips.

App of the Day – Valet Tax – Making filing your taxes easy finally

No more appointments. No more waiting rooms. Start your taxes from your mobile phone. Filing taxes has never been easier! Get your taxes started in less than 5 minutes. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose. You’re going to wonder why you ever filed your taxes any other way!