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App Roundup: New Year, New You

The champagne has run dry, and 2018 is upon us. If you’re a go-getter who’s committed to keeping your New Year’s resolutions this year (or at least the next few months), this roundup is for you.

Keeping your resolutions is always easier with friends and family to keep you accountable. But, you know what makes New Year’s resolutions even easier? Mobile apps that do the same thing while delivering a healthy dose of fun and convenience. Whether your New Year’s resolutions have to do with health, learning, reading, or even social media usage, here are five mobile apps we found to make them feel like less of a chore.


1. Memrise

“Rewarding and fun — will really help me stay on track as I learn Korean!”

Available on iOS and Android.

Planning on learning a new language? Memrise is the app for you.

“One of my resolutions this year is to learn more Korean every day. Like Duolingo, Memrise is a language learning app, but I like Memrise more because it has multiple game modes that make it easier to remember what you’re learning. It also has videos of native speakers saying words and sentences, and chatbots you can talk to in order to practice reading and writing. I like the app so much that I shelled out for a premium subscription!”

Chandler F.
Art Director
@ CitrusBits

2. Headspace

“A great meditation tool for a peaceful mind and soul”

Available on iOS and Android.

Headspace is an app that helps you find inner peace.

“Heading into the new year, I wanted to work on managing my stress. I’ve found that meditation really helps me relieve my stress. The Headspace app has been great at supporting and enhancing my meditation. The app teaches me any type of exercise for any occasion or mood. It’s easy to follow the instructions for each meditation even if you’ve never tried meditation before. As a designer, I’m also really digging the app’s excellent user experience and art direction.”

Angel P.
Visual Designer
@ CitrusBits

 3. Forest

“For those that want to reduce time on social media, Forest is a great way to cut back. “

Available on iOS and Android.

Want to improve your productivity this year? The deceptively simple Forest app could be exactly what you need.

“Reducing distractions is one of my resolutions in 2018, and I believe Forest will help me out. It’s a really simple app that helps people focus on a task without frequently having to check on their phone. If you have a task, plant a seed in Forest and it will grow into a tree. However, if you end up using your phone to check your social media, your tree will die. Through this simple, game-like mechanism, nothing will interrupt you when you have something important to do.”

Cyrus K.
Sr. Product Owner
@ CitrusBits

 4. Overdrive

“Unlimited digital and audiobooks for free”

Available on iOS and Android.

Overdrive is an app that can help accelerate resolutions around reading and learning.

“Overdrive allows you to borrow digital e-books or audiobooks from their associated libraries for free. Although the application is currently pretty basic, the main functionality does exactly what I need. Overdrive has allowed me to continue my lifelong education and satisfy my thirst for new stories and knowledge. If your New Year’s resolution involves reading more, Overdrive is definitely worth your time.”

Harry L.
@ CitrusBits

 5. Tally

“Clean and simple design, great customization and flexible goal tracking.”

Available on iOS

Having trouble keep track of all your goals? Tally is designed for the most ambitious of goal setters.

“Tally is a handy goal tracking app that allows you either track progress towards goals or even limit negative behaviors you’re trying to control. I like that Tally has a high degree of customization and sports a simple, intuitive design. I can choose a color that aesthetically matches whatever I’m tracking, as well as define a goal or limit. Tally also lets me set the time constraints, such as when the goal or limit will reset. There is also a visual graph that can display goal progress weekly, monthly and yearly. Tally’s journal lets me add some color commentary about my journey to accomplish my goals. This is a wonderful app that would be perfect for anyone who has multiple New Year’s Resolutions to keep track of.”

Breann J.
Product Owner
@ CitrusBits

About CitrusBits

CitrusBits is a mobile app development agency that designs and develops impactful mobile apps and responsive mobile content for businesses of all types. Having developed critical mobile apps for clients including Burger King, Quiksilver, Symantec, and Sotheby’s, CitrusBits is trusted by movers and shakers across all major industries. Yet, we’ve also enjoyed helping small and midsize businesses and select startups turn their mobile aspirations into juicy ROI. We’re passionate about leveraging mobile technology – including iOS, Android, Swift applications, virtual reality, blockchain, and The Internet of Things (IoT) – to help businesses disrupt entire industries and reach their loftiest goals. CitrusBits has helped hundreds of businesses build game-changing mobile apps for more than ten years. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about your next project.