Umair Saeed

Engineering Manager

As an iOS lead at CitrusBits, Umair is one of the “master chefs” who helps CitrusBits “bake” lovely “Apple-pies”, or Apple iOS apps. Umair considers flexibility and adaptability to be his core strengths, which he has leaned heavily on throughout nearly a decade in high technology. His exceptional people skills complement his excellent programming skills; clients and colleagues alike love to work with Umair. Prior to CitrusBits, Umair built enterprise apps at Jin Technologies and Broakpeak Technologies, many of which are still being used today by well-known US conglomerates. Apps he has helped create – “Edible Arrangements”, for instance – have been featured by the Apple App Store.

Fresh Fact: Umair loves ‘Xcode’ when it comes to work and kitchen gardening when it comes to fun. He has also an amazing collection of pet birds. And when it comes to sports, it’s cricket that he most enjoys following and table tennis that he most enjoys playing, improving slowly but steadily.