There are loads of new tools out there to use on mobile devices, but in this post, we are going to specify 5 best tools that you can use on your mobile device. In case, you haven’t done before or you never knew they exist on mobile then it’s time to try them out.

The idea is that many of you might know these tools before and you might have used on your PCs but from now on you might start using some of them on your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Without further due, let’s get into this:

1. Canva

First off, it’s Canva. It’s a great online tool to create graphics, banners, and other images. You can edit the photos with filters, effects, and a lot of other stuff. Canva tool does come on top of the list when an online tool is required for banner designing and creating graphics for online publishing. But there is a slight gimmick in this is that it is yet available only for iOS, of course, other than the web version of that. The Android version isn’t out yet and there is no update whatsoever.

2. Filmora Go

Filmora is popular video editing software that does a lot of things when it comes to video editing on a computer. It competes with the world’s best video editing softwares. The mobile version of Filmora software is called Filmora Go. It’s a free mobile app. Unlike Canva, they actually have their apps for both Android and iOS. This means Android and iOS users can use Filmora Go on their mobile devices and start off their video editing right away. If you’re a little bit into Instagram videos or vlogging on YouTube, you might be very much interested in Filmora Go.

3. MailChimp Mobile

Mailchimp is a famous email marketing service and one of the top companies that provide email marketing solutions. Mailchimp’s mobile app is called Mailchimp Mobile. It’s available on both Android and iOS. What Mailchimp Mobile does amazing thing is that it helps the Mailchimp users to analyze, check, and create email newsletter campaigns on the go. If you’re into email marketing or somehow manage a company’s newsletter, then you might want to know about Mailchimp as well as Mailchimp Mobile.

4. Facebook Page Manager

Facebook Page Manager is a mobile tool for Facebook Pages. If you’re a Facebook page manager or owner, this app is something you want to grab right now. It helps page owners or managers to manage the page operations, management, and other activities right from the mobile device. You can publish or schedule your page status. You can like and comment on your page. In fact, it does support multiple pages. It requires you to log in to your Facebook account and then it automatically syncs the pages into the app. It doesn’t work like the regular Facebook app but rather shows the Facebook pages that you manage or own. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a well-known cloud data service. It helps you upload the data on the cloud (server) and you can remotely access the data from somewhere else through your account. It does have the mobile apps for all the mobile operating systems. You can use the Dropbox on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

So, these were the few mobile apps that we thought that you should know in 2017.

Hopefully, you might get your hands on one of these tools and start using on your smartphone right away.

Did any of these apps surprise you?

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