4 Ways to Grow Your Startup in 2017

4 Ways to Grow Your Startup in 2017

Startups aren’t just about great ideas, investments, and fancy silicon valley offices. There is a lot more in this. It’s true that great ideas require a lot of hustle, energy, and experience — one you have it — you need an investment to kick-start it — once you got that — then you need to pour the sweat into it.

That being said. This piece of content is going to dig deeper into the context of growing the startup. We may discuss the simple yet useful areas of business that otherwise are ignored or remained behind the backdrop. If they may not give an ‘aww’ impression — stay there and give some time. Because it’s necessary to truly understand the ideas and implement them and ultimately turning them into strategies.

In this article, we’ll discuss your startup trajectory and what you can do to emphasize and improvise your plan of action to do against the competition that is starring at you.

There are four strategies that could help any startup do better in 2017:

1: Developing a social media strategy

The formulation of a social media strategy refers to the roadmap of moving forward with social media. One of the vital strategies of growing a startup is building connections and talking to the people and this is what social media does for the brands. You, as a startup, get a chance to walk-through the pipeline and meet people on the other side of the tunnel. But all this comes after developing a strong social media strategy. Do not ever go for a dozen social media platforms, in fact, choose one or two platforms and don’t go for a third one until you master those two, meaning, once you establish an authority on those social media platforms, then think about expanding your social media strategy, but before that, it’s not necessary. In fact, this video suggests the same thing on choosing the social media platforms. Tapping on multiple social platforms is not going to cut it. Think about real-human-connections and try to focus on that. In addition to that, a startup must be clear on what to talk about, who to engage, and why to connect. This strategy isn’t about cold selling, but rather a long-term relationship building that is based on delivering the value.

2: Creating a content plan

One of the essential ingredients of startup growth strategy in 2017 would be based on content publishing. A content plan means a startup must have a strategy of content creation. This process could lead the startup to the prospective clients and the exact audience startup is looking for. The designing of the content plan and the implementation to the fullest will be the key in this. The official blog or company’s blog does provide the chance to publish content that could trigger the opportunities for the startup. This article explains that what kind of content a startup should publish on the official blog. This shows the opportunity lies beneath this fold and once a startup does come with a content plan, the next thing that pops up is the execution which can certainly take the brand to the next level.

3: Occasional discounts and giveaways

These are wonderful promotional strategies that businesses use today. The occasional discounts and giveaways are the best way to get the attention of the existing customers as well as the new audience. This blog post from Rabbut seems to be agreeing with this strategy as far as social media engagement and growth are concerned. One shouldn’t be ignoring the discount offers and giveaways in 2017. The brands like Bluehost, MaxCDN, and Hostgator continue to offer discounts throughout the year. Once in a while, you may have to think about this strategy and test this out with your current customers as well as offer to the prospective customers through Facebook advertising or email newsletter.

4: Collaborations and events

Your competition is getting smarter every year, so are the consumers. You don’t have to sit back and wait for miracles to happen. The hustle would be the answer to that. If you want to grow your startup in 2017, make sure you follow conventional strategies but not limit yourself to those bookish things — be creative and carve new ways. Once you know your prospective audience, talk to the other companies who could potentially have the audience that might be interested in your product or service. Offer collaborations to them and tell them how your brand can benefit their brand. You shouldn’t be convincing someone to just take some value from them, instead, tell them what you would spend, arrange, and offer in this collaboration. It could be an event or meetup where the audience gets engaged with the brand in different segments and sessions of the program.

The ideal way of collaborating with the brands is to make them the sponsor of the event and showcase their logo, pictures, and posters everywhere — offer them to put a stall or a helpdesk to engage the audience. All this doesn’t mean that this should be happening in the same way, you may end up finding a better deal. The purpose of sharing this idea of collaborations and events is that you need to leave the shell behind and get out of it to take your startup to the next level.

What would you do to grow your startup in 2017?